Capri is Six Months

Happy Six Month Birthday Capri!

Has it really been half of a year already?  This baby girl has become such a delight and makes us smile all day long.  We love watching her learn.

Here's what Capri is up to on her six month birthday:
-first tooth 3 days shy of 6 months, and looks like second is not far behind.
- sits up great, mastered that about 5 1/2 months.  We love that we can put her in the high chairs at restaurants now.  She's so strong and goes from laying position to sitting position by herself.
- started oatmeal at 5 1/2 months and she seems to really like it. 
- We just introduced sweet potatoes a few days before her 6 month birthday, her first solid food besides cereal. She doesn't love them like her Mom loves sweet potatoes.  I pureed them myself, but maybe she'll like the store bought.  She does love sucking on the teether toy that you can put food in.... so far we have tried apples and a fresh peach.  
- She is a great imitator and right now she makes the cutest winking face where she closes both of her eyes and tilts her head back after you do it.  I put her in the middle of stuffed animals to play and caught her making that winking face at each of the stuffed animals in the circle.  What a flirt.
- She loves swimming in Aunt Lynn's pool and kicks like a motor boat.   She doesn't even mind water in her face or being dunked by her dad.  We love the extended pool weather in Arizona.
- Capri "walks" when I hold her by her hands.  She moves her feet forward like she knows exactly what to do..... I hope she takes her time learning to walk because she's learning and growing way too fast and she seems too young to do that.
-Capri loves living at the Jackson residence.  She is spoiled and loved by JC, Lynn, and Cami.  It will be hard to leave in six weeks.

Words and phrases that describe Capri on her six month birthday:
Physically Strong
Studies the world around her

We Love You Baby Girl!