Playing with the Pitchers

Just the last few random pictures from my phone and camera of our time hanging out with the Pitcher family.
^Man, this girl loves music (I think I've mentioned that twenty times)! Capri wandered in the piano room multiply times a day to play the piano and dance to the orchestrated music. She liked it better when "Grammy" would come watch and clap to the beat while she danced.  Capri would see Linda first thing in the morning and say "DANCE" running to the piano room looking to see if grandma was following.^
^Uncle Mike has the touch to calm this wild child.^
^Lots of fun shopping with "Grammy" this trip!^
^Dinner at the Spaghetti Factory with a big portion of the Pitchers.^
^Hey, we are all kind of smiling and looking at the camera... rare family photo!^
^Jackson and Kiley sure knew how to make Capri smile.  It feels so nice to know she has cousins that love her like crazy and take such good care of her.  We love them just as much!^
^So glad we could meet up with Landon's Uncle Chad, Audrey, Candice, baby Raelynn, and Carly.  My super jealous Capri is practicing sharing Mama's lap one baby at a time.  It was cute, my 18 month smartie pants would go point out all the letter "C's on the wall.  She used to just see letters and say it was a C, but she recognizes the letters in her name a little better now.  Nielson's 2X in Utah still wasn't enough to go back to Houston on.^
^Fun lunch at the Bun Basket and visit to the Rock Loft in Fruit Heights.  Grammy spoiled us with all kinds of good food and treats on this trip.  Capri picked out her own Owl cookie.^
^Jackson's Saturday Football game.  This stud played great and had a winning team! Lehi is serious about little league football.  I'm nervous to find out what our local Texas football is like! ^
^I forgot my sunglasses, but luckily Capri and I found some in the dollar bins at Target- you love right? :) Can't wait until the day I'm sitting on the sidelines with a cold drink being the crazy parent cheering on my own kids.^
^The night before we headed home Linda took us to Farmington Station for Mexican and a fun night by the fountains.  This place was really something and I have to say I'm impressed Farmington!  Between the fountains, playground, and ice cream, Capri could have stayed and danced all night.^

^I think this is the last pregnancy photo before baby. The bigness is only getting bigger; my only complaint about being pregnant and I still have a little less than three months to go!^
^This picture is my favorite.  Seeing these two reunite almost made up for the time being apart because it was so sweet!  I have to mention how special Landon made coming home.  He made a "Welcome Home Girls" sign on the door and laid out presents on the couch for us.  He bought Capri a new outfit and me a hat and my favorite treats. I did clean the house spotless before we left, but it was even cleaner when we got home.  It feels good to be loved and missed.  We sure love our man.^ 


My Sister's Wedding

Jackie started spelling her name Jacque in Jr. High, but it's always been Jackie for me :) I've been holding off posting pictures of Jackie's wedding because I didn't take very many pictures of the wedding day on my own camera.  I've been hoping to steel a few from her photographer, but I think I'll post now and go back and update later.  I can't believe my little sister is married!  I consider being married my greatest blessing and I hope she's every bit as happy as I am being married to the love of my life.  Jackie wore my Grandma Marion Stuart's wedding dress.  She tried it on quite a few years ago and planned to wear it ever since.  I think she looks beautiful in it and am happy it worked! Jackie has been away at George Washington PA school in DC and has been pretty busy with her first semester at school; to throw a wedding on top of school must have been pretty challenging. My Mom did a good job at managing the task, even with a fire in the canyon all the way up to their property line the week of.  Jackie flew home Friday afternoon, had some formal pictures taken that evening, received her endowments Saturday followed by the sealing, had a nice wedding dinner in my parents backyard, and then off on their honeymoon!  
May 22, 1952
August 17, 2013. 
Both of these ladies looked lovely in this dress
^Their photographer Alisha Siddoway did a great job.  I can't wait to see the ones from the wedding day.^
^Brady & Tessa, you better be next!^
 ^Landon's parents and Steve were in Logan for a family reunion and took Capri while we were in the temple.  She didn't care that we weren't with her because she had a rootbeer float.^
^Trying our hardest to get Capri to Smile^
^..... and it still didn't work^
^... the wedding day melt down.  Sometimes I just have to smile instead of get embarrassed.^
Congratulations Tyson & Jackie!  
What a lovely, but whirlwind of a wedding.
 The most important thing was that they were married in the temple and when all is said and done, 
none of the other details matter! 
Wishing you much love and happiness.


Outside is a wonderful place to be

After Jackie's wedding we stuck around my parents for another week.  Capri was in heaven playing outside everyday and I was in heaven eating out of the garden!  There were daily visits to the river, the strawberry patch, and hours and hours spent on the swings.  In fact, one day I left to go get Maverick frozen yogurt and my dad was still pushing the kids on the swings  in the backyard 40 minutes later.  He's such a nice Grandpa.   My parents have the most wonderful yard and the weather was so nice compared to our Houston summer heat, I'm usually begging Capri to go inside after 30 minutes.   Capri loved getting to know her cousins Teya, Kellen, and Cade better!  Ammon and Ashley have been living in New York and just relocated to Montana.  Our visits in the past weren't lining up, but hopefully we'll be able to see them more now that they live a little closer. Capri was pretty jealous when I'd hold Cade so I'm nervous about our new little babe.  Despite all these kids feeling sick with colds/coughs and never smiling for pictures, I think they had a fun time.  My sister inlaw Ashley was a trooper traveling with sick kids by  herself.  One keeps me busy enough!
^My dirty girl was in heaven and I didn't care that she looked like a rugrat one bit!"
^I ate tomato and cucumber sandwiches everyday while I was at my parent's house.  I had no idea how lucky I was to grow up with all this fresh produce.  We loved walking around the garden picking whatever we could find that was ripe ^    
^My Dad is the best Grandpa.  He took three little kids and a dog on a hike by himself. He's so good at seeing when the Mom's need a break.  Everyone came back happy, dirty, and tired. 
 ^Well, I tried.  I think these kiddos had fun at the park even though I didn't get any smiling pictures.^
 ^Caught my Dad pulling weeds at the playground.  He stopped when he saw me take the picture telling me he couldn't resist ha ha!.  Now that's a good guy.^
 ^Wish this was a nice sandy beach somewhere, but she had a great time digging for "treasures" in the volleyball pit^
 ^Kids choice dinner: Hot dogs cooked over the fire and eating on the deck with Grandpa and Grandma^
^This slide sent her flying on her bum every time, but she still climbed back up and did it again and again.^
^Capri loved hanging out with Grandma Garrett and Grandma Garrett kept Capri entertained. ^
^ Landon might accuse me for neglect when he sees this picture.  I promise I was watching her, but how can you stop a little girl having this much fun pretending to be a puppy?  (No dog food was actually consumed during this play)^

We had a great time at my parent's house, but felt bad playing while Landon was back in Houston working hard.  We would send him little videos and pictures every day and it's pretty obvious how much Capri loves her Dad.  Here's a little collection of Capri's clips to Landon below.