Exciting News

 Landon came home from school today, picked his daughter up and said "I have exciting news to tell you Capri, Daddy got a job offer with Exxon Mobil!"  Of coarse Capri smiled because she is always  happy to see her Daddy.  Landon got lots of hugs and kisses from me and I made him take a picture to remember that moment.  The moment when we felt so excited we smiled and jumped for joy.  The moment when we felt the investment of almost two years of graduate school and lots of students loans is going to pay off.

The official offer is on its way and we have three weeks to accept it.  Landon had a few interviews with other companies and potential job offers in the "pipeline" but won't hear back from them until around November because the recruitment season just started.  We will be making our decision on faith and prayers, but Exxon was at the top of Landon's list so that makes the decision less difficult.

We celebrated later that night with the Jackson's at Tia Rosa's.  Landon insisted on buying their dinner and for once they let us!  And because we had such a good reason to celebrate, Landon and I went to Chilis afterward to get Landon's favorite dessert- molten lava cake.

Congratulations Landon, you definitely put in the time and hard work.  Your girls are so proud of you!
(Capri was clearly exhausted by all of the excitement, she feel asleep moments after this picture.)


Happy Conference Sunday

This is what our Conference Sunday looked like:

Capri is teething and didn't sleep very good last night so today she slept through almost both entire sessions of conference, I'm not going to say how much of that her Daddy slept with her.  Landon used to listen to one conference talk every morning while he was getting ready.  He's going to have to start that routine again to catch up.  I love conference weekend.  Ours was filled with good company, good food, and good words.

We celebrated Brooke's 24th birthday today.  I've said it before, but I want to do birthday's like the Jackson's, they make birthdays so special!  We each wrote a few things we liked about Brooke and stuck the 24 post-its on her bedroom door.  Lynn also taped 24 dollar bills to the door along with some other decor.  You are never to old for birthdays!   Capri and I had a great time shopping with Lynn this last week for Brooke's birthday and we are so happy we were there to spend it with her. Brooke and Hannah headed back to school today.  Brooke is finishing up her Master's at Utah State so we'll get to see her again in November when we go stay with my parents. Hannah is at BYU so I'm sure we'll figure out a way to see her too!

Capri discovered the piano today.  It was fun watching her realize that she was the one making the music.  She had some good stuff going down on those keys so we "face timed" Grandma Linda to show her our little pianist.

Then we headed outside to get our fresh air for the day and continued to face time Grandma Linda...Capri was glued to the phone.  Oh, Capri stands while holding on to things now, she even took a few steps with the push toy by herself.  I feel so proud of my little six month old, but this is happening too fast!
Happy Conference Sunday!  Can't wait to listen to the words of our prophets again on my iphone.


I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home

Is this not the cutest thing?  Landon has been gone with a career fair and interview with Exxon Mobil this last week.  It was so fun to watch Capri light up when Landon walked out of the airport doors and into her line of sight.  I wasn't sure how she would react at such a young age but she made it pretty obvious how excited she was to see her Daddy!  Capri and Landon have something special that no one can touch.  They completely adore each other.