Girl's Trip

 I am so lucky to have great friends here in Texas.  Last weekend a few of us took much needed, sort of spur of the moment, girls trip to San Antonio. It was nice to get to know these lovely ladies better and it was especially nice to get out before Lyza and I have these babes.... that was kind of the point for me!  I've only left Capri overnight when I came house hunting here in Texas by myself and Landon and Capri stayed in Utah.  We still don't leave her very often with a babysitter.  Capri is 19 months, I hope it's not that long before I get away again!  Even though Capri cried a little, it was good for both of us and the welcome home was so sweet!   Thanks Landon for being such a great Dad and husband.
I feel like the drive with Christi, Melissa, and Lyza was as fun as the actual time in San Antonio.  Lyza found a sweet deal at the Embassy Suites right on the river walk, and we ate good food, played games, shopped, and visited.  These ladies are great examples to me, I don't hear them say negative things about others and they are always pointing out the good. Besides being positive and uplifting, they have great taste in music ;)  I thought I was done with posting giant pregnancy pictures, but I had to document the fun weekend, swollen and all.  Only 6 more weeks to go as of today!