Happy 28th

Happy 28th to the love of my life on August 3rd!  I wish I could say we had some fantastic birthday celebrations and great surprises, but I didn't follow through with my goal to make birthdays a bigger deal. I only have two people to plan birthdays for right now so we are in serious trouble when the family grows!  It's a good thing Landon's birthday expectations are simple.  We did spend the day relaxing by the pool and that night got a babysitter while we headed downtown.  I hoped to buy Landon's birthday watch that night at the Galleria, but we didn't find what he had in mind.  I hated leaving empty handed because he only had two small presents to open without it.  I made reservations at a Brazilian steak house like Tucano's in Utah.  Landon was a happy kid with all that steak and eating grilled pineapple is better than candy to me, and that's saying something! We both left feeling like we could go without meat for the next few days.  Twenty eight seems so old, but really we are just getting started! I'm so proud of Landon and what he's done with his 28 years of life.  Thanks for letting me spend 5 of those birthdays with you so far!   You'll find Landon's 27th birthday documented here and 26th birthday here (where I'm also pregnant)