A Pregnancy Post... almost nine months of catching up.

Here we are... just a few weeks away from our baby girl joining us. It's about time I start journaling, one day she'll want to know more than I can remember, and for that matter, Landon and I will too. Her current arrival date is March 10, 2012. I have a haunch she'll come a little earlier, but I could just be anxious to meet her.

So my pregnancy in a nutshell has been great. I wouldn't go so far to say "I LOVE being pregnant," and I still don't understand the women that say "they've never felt more beautiful," but I can't say anything negative... how can I while being part of such an incredible process? In the beginning I forgot I was pregnant because I didn't' feel any different. The only pregnancy symptom I experienced was that I was a bit more sensitive and emotional (though Landon might say I was a much more sensitive... poor guy was surely wondering what my problem was, but continued to be patient with me). We found out I was pregnant in Beijing. I always planned on doing something special to tell Landon, but I was so nervous about being in a foreign country and wondered if I could count on the cheap Chinese pregnancy tests to be accurate that I just blurted it out before I even realized what I said. The next day we hiked the Great Wall of China and I kept thinking "is this what pregnancy feels like?" Sticky, hot, tired, hungry. Then I would look around at everyone else and find out they were feeling the same. Over the next month spent in China I would sometimes think I was experiencing a pregnancy symptom and then discover everyone was gagging at the smell of the stinky tofu vendors on the street and the poop in the gutter. My very first doctor's apt was in China. I love that the words on our baby's ultrasound pictures are in Chinese. The doctor gave an estimated due date of March 14th, we will see if the American doctor or the Chinese doctor is right, I hope the American doctor! The ultrasound told us I wasn't as far along as I thought, I guess my body was confused after traveling through so many different time zones and visiting about 15 different countries at that point. I'm not sure why, but the Chinese doctor told me I couldn't eat chocolate, ice cream, or fruit while pregnant... I'm pretty sure about 80% of my diet the last nine months has been chocolate and fruit! The Chinese doctor also said no make up, weird. Any makeup that I put on while in China melted off anyway. I know people have healthy babies all over the world, but I can't imagine having a baby in China. I started to worry about the air quality I was breathing and some of the foods I was eating while we were there and am so grateful for the quality and comforts of the hospital I will be delivering in here in Arizona.

 I feel so blessed that I haven't been sick except for the two times I got car sick! I usually don't get car sick, but did once in Thailand in a large van on the way to the Phi Phi islands and the other time driving to Utah from Arizona for Thanksgiving.

I think I really started to show around Thanksgiving time.  I haven't taken very many pregnancy photos... I don't love them. Probably because I feel like my whole body looks pregnant and not just my belly.  The first stranger to ask if I was pregnant wasn't until January in the grocery store when I was shopping with the little girl I nannied. She made the comment "Wow! You are going to have your kids close together!" I was so happy that someone noticed I was pregnant that I didn't correct her and explain that the grouchy faced Indian girl with me was NOT mine, ha ha!  The next time I had someone ask me about being pregnant wasn't until week 35, my favorite week of being pregnant. It seemed like everywhere I went complete strangers wanted to share my excitement for this baby, ask her gender, names, if my husband was excited about having a girl etc. Shoppers would follow me out to my car so I didn't lift anything. People were just so kind and still have been!   It is funny how people don't dare to cross the "is she pregnant?" line until the end.

 I think we are all ready to go as far as baby supplies.  I went to buy a car seat on craigslist from a sweet couple two months ago and they ended up filling my whole car with baby things before I left.  I guess their little girl was a colicky baby so they tried a lot of different things with her, I was the beneficiary of two car seats and three swings which she barely used among many other things! Leisa Aims and her sweet girls threw me a wonderful shower with all of my Arizona cousins and friends.  We have been so blessed and our little girl has some cute things that's for sure! We are in a one bedroom apartment, so we haven't purchased a crib or nursery decorations.  We'll keep her in a bassinet in our room for now.  I'm kind of relieved I don't have to decorate a nursery just yet. So many cute ideas out there it overwhelms me!

Names....  we both love Capri.  That's about the only one.  I like the old fashion names like Eliza, Elsie, Eleanor, Hazel, Mabel, Leah, and Lydia.  Landon just laughs when I say them like I'm joking.  We do both like Molly. I guess we'll just have to meet her to know for sure! 

How far along: 37.5 Weeks
Maternity clothes? oh yes! My favorite pair of jeans to wear are actually not maternity though, just two sizes bigger. I think my bum and thighs appreciate the extra room and not just my belly :)
Stretch marks? none yet, and crossing fingers to keep it that way.
Sleep? As long as I have two pillows under my head and Tums by the bedside, I really can't complain.
Best moment this week: Just sitting on the coach with Landon watching her move around.
Miss Anything? Licking cake batter or cookie dough out of the mixing bowl. Raw eggs are probably not that big of a deal compared to the things I ate in China though. I do miss my stomach until she moves around and then I think I'll miss the baby belly when it's gone even more!
Movement: She is active as ever! Sometimes it feels like she is plucking at my ribs like a harp. She is kind of a stinker when it comes to letting Landon feel her, but if we wait long enough she'll say hello.
Food cravings? Sweets (surprise!) I have always loved my candy so I'm not sure that is a pregnancy craving. I have really liked root beer, string cheese, yogurt, and pomegranates as of late.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not since the smells in China or the car rides that made me feel car sick.
Gender: Girl
Labor Signs?Nope. I think she is pretty cozy in there! No braxton hicks, but I was dilated 1cm at my 36 week apt.
Symptoms? heartburn/acid reflux (I hope the saying about heartburn and lots of hair is true :) The ultrasound tech said she could see hair on the back of her head, but non on the top.... this could be interesting!
Belly Button in or out? out... I hate it!
Wedding rings on or off? On most of the time. Some days in the evenings it gets a little tight. There is some water retention in my face and feet, but not too noticeable.
Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy & EXCITED to say the least!
Looking forward to? her arrival of coarse! Also looking forward to being a stay at home mom and watching Landon become a Dad, he's going to be wonderful!
33 weeks pregnant here.

34 weeks pregnant here
waiting at the doctor's office
39 weeks pregnant here
(I didn't want to do an extra post so I just updated with a photo here)

Ready or not, here she comes!  Some days I want to keep her safe in here for as long as possible, other days I want to meet her right now.  I've accepted the fact that it doesn't matter how many books I read or classes I take, I am still not going to feel completely prepared for motherhood.  Landon also has fears and anxieties of his own while still being in grad school.  I used to say the word baby and he automatically associated it with job.  Baby = job.  I think we have both come to realize that we aren't going to be perfect parents and will never feel ready, but we are willing to do our very best to raise this sweet little girl. Heaven Father has trusted us enough to send her to our family and I know he will help us if we seek his guidance and direction.  It's been so fun to wonder what she'll be like and what she'll look like.  All we know is that we will love her, we already do so much!