Change of Plans

Landon and I really like to make plans, have goals, and know what's going to happen next.  In fact, we talk about how lucky we are that life has really gone as "planned" so far.  Getting married, graduating college, going to Thunderbird, traveling the world, having our first boy girl about the time he finishes school etc.  Well, we have a change of plans and I think we are handling it rather well!

The plan was for Landon to graduate in April, faster than your typical two year MBA program and be done with graduate school!  He was recently, I mean this has all happened in the last two weeks recently, offered a paid co-op with Cisco in San Jose, CA.  Cisco wanted him to start asap, but Landon was able to negotiate a start date after the baby is born.  For some reason it just feels good... and a little chaotic finding a place to stay without visiting first, having a baby, family visiting, and then packing up and moving a week later.  But surprisingly, I haven't been too stressed!  

So, the NEW plan is to do the co-op and then come back to Thunderbird to finish up the program and graduate in December.  Landon was taking a pretty heavy school load in order to graduate in April, so I think in a way he is feeling relieved being able to split some of his classes up.  Landon is one of the younger candidates in his class, so he is glad for the extra work experience and stamp on his resume.  He also has a little more time to find his dream job now, so I think it will all work out in his favor. Cisco sent all of the above swag last week.  Landon never wears hats, but I think he looks cute in this. Thanks Cisco.

So now we are just waiting for the baby to get here.  It's harder than I thought not knowing when she'll come. I would love to tell our Moms to be here at five tomorrow... but she'll show up when she's ready. 

I'm actually sitting here at the computer calm as can be two days away from my due date while Landon's in California interviewing with Toyota.  He left yesterday and will be back tonight.  Toyota was nice enough to tell him they would put him on any plane if I started to go into labor while he was gone.  I have a few friends "on call" in case anything happens and Landon left his car at the airport for quicker transportation, but we are feeling like everything will work out fine.  Landon said his interviews have gone well so far, it would be a great perk to work for the auto industry.  He also interviewed with Volkswagen this week.  I wouldn't mind having a car allowance with either of these companies.