Just Another Park Day

We get our daily dose of fresh air at different parks nearby.  It was a good park day because I went down the slide with Kate for her first time and Capri conquered the rock wall.  I recently read an article about today's parents not letting their children take enough risk and the negative consequences.  When we helicopter we aren't allowing our children the great feelings of achievement and confidence that comes when they do something that involves risk. The article dug a little deeper and even addressed risk taking in young children and how it related to less reckless teenagers.  Anyway, the article was on my mind and I decided to let Capri play at her own risk.  The things I usually stand close by or help her with like the tall fire pole, rock wall, and monkey bars were things I let her do on her own today. There's a little video of our results at the bottom :)

"I did it! I did it! I shout to the crowd.  Climbing up the playground makes me feel proud!"

We learned this phrase from a book and insert various accomplishments.  She really did chant this on her own without being prompted; I caught it the second time around.