Navy, Pink, and Two Sweeties

Love me some matching girlies!  If we didn't already have totes of baby clothes I would love to buy these girls all matching clothes and dress them in coordinating outfits everyday.  Sometimes I just happen to have coordinating clothes without planning like this day!  Capri wore the onesie Kate is wearing when we lived in the San Francisco Baby area and it brings back lots of great memories, funny that a onesie did that for me.  Capri's outfit was $4.99 at Costco and you can't beat that for play clothes!   I realized quick that I wasn't going to get a smiling picture of both girls but here are my attempts.

Capri 25 months still busy as ever!
Kate one day shy of 4 months and so delicious! 
  Kate's smiles are the best and she'll give them to anyone willing to pay a little attention to her.   What to do with her hair? I don't want to put product in it, but as soon as it drys it has a mind of its own which makes it hard to cover her crazy balding.  One day, she'll have incredible hair I just know it!