A run around the park

Landon and I have started running the last few weeks. He's training for a marathon in September and I've been running with him even though I haven't committed to the marathon yet. Landon is crazy and has completed four marathons.  I'm kind of a baby and I guess I don't have that burning desire or goal to complete a marathon, but am so proud of him!  I'm happy to run with him now, but like having option out in case it gets too hard.  One positive thing about me running with him is that my baby weight is finally coming off.  I was hoping to be one of those girls that breastfeeds and is magically better looking than pre-pregnancy, but after weeks of no change I decided the extra baby weight wasn't going to come off without me taking some action.  My favorite thing about running is that our whole family is together, Capri LOVES being in the jogging stroller!  You can tell she listens to every sound and perks up when she hears the birds, cars, water, or Landon and I talking (mostly breathing heavy).  She smiles at us from her seat and we smile back.   Eventually she gets tired and dozes off, but wakes up seconds after we stop our running.  I think we say "She is so cute!", or "Just look at her!"at least ten times while starring at her wide blue eyes and smile that gets so big it doesn't fit her face. She makes our runs much more enjoyable.  Saturdays are our long runs and today we ventured out to the Golden Gate Park and ran seven miles.  We have plans to explore every Saturday for the next few weeks.  I forgot the sd card for our camera, but I managed to take a few photos with my phone.  Our run today made us really like San Francisco, it was beautiful and there is so much to do in one park!  We saw ponds, waterfalls, botanical gardens, bison, the ocean, bands playing, children's playgrounds, a botchy ball tournament, Polo fields, and so many families picnicking and enjoying the beautiful Saturday. I'm actually looking forward to next Saturday's run.... minus the twelve mile part.