San Francisco Giants

Friday night we went to The San Francisco Giants game with Jordan and Brooke.  I went to school with Brooke and cheered with her in Jr. High, it has been so great to have a long time friend here in California, of coarse there's been lots of catching up to do since it's been so long!  Not only are Brooke and Jordan a really handsome couple they are so fun together.   They know how to take advantage of living in beautiful California and do fun activities all of the time, I’m glad we could join them for this one!   The Giants stadium is incredible, I love that it looks over the bay.   It did get a little chilly next to the water so we bundled Capri up and she did great.  The sling I put Capri in has been a lifesaver.  As uncomfortable as it looks, she loves it!  She curls up in the sling and goes to sleep most of the time.  Landon and I have been able to get out and do a lot of things because she does so well in the sling.  I am defiantly an advocate for “baby wearing,” it’s allowed us adjust into parenthood more smoothly and I love that Capri is so close to me.  Back to the game, we had a wonderful time despite the loss and I was happy for the excuse to wear my orange pants two days in a row.  I only made one dumb sports comment and Landon of coarse had to text my brothers so they could make fun of me too.  Ahh…. you would think I'd be an expert after growing up with three brothers that played every sport right?