A Beach Run

Saturday morning Landon let me sleep in and took care of Capri, it was so nice!  After I woke up (I’m not going to say what time it was!) , we packed up and then drove to Santa Cruz for our 12 mile run.   The views were so refreshing and rejuvenating.  I can’t believe we are only an hour away from this beach, we will definitely be visiting a few more times before Landon’s internship is over.  The first 3.5 miles of the run were along sea cliffs that looked over the ocean; we forgot we were even running the air felt to fresh and clean.  Then our path led us onto the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk and we inhaled the smells of French fries and BBQ while running past the old fashion amusement park.  I loved the rollercoaster and sky ride and really want to ride them next time…. I forget we have a baby sometimes, maybe by myself?  We turned around at 5 miles since our path kind of ended and ran the same way back.  When we reached 10 miles I was ready to be done since we were back to where we started…. I’m a head case.  I fed Capri a few gulps from her bottle and finished the last two miles strong.  That was the furthest I’ve ever run.  Landon and I take turns pushing the jogging stroller every .5 miles.  He was awesome and pushed it up the hills and into the wind to make my turns easier.  Capri was SO GOOD!  We thought she would take a great nap while we were running, but she was just as stimulated as we were by the sights, sounds, and smells.  We got her out to stretch before getting in the car, it, she looks exhausted in the picture and she was! We had a wonderful run and then hurried back home and showered in record time to meet the Samuelson’s at the San Jose Giants baseball game.  The Samuelson’s are also here for the summer while Craig is doing an internship with Cisco.  We are not alone with a new baby either; their James is a month younger than Capri.  

Next week is our half marathon run; I have more confidence in myself this time!