Capri is 5 Months

Here's what Capri is doing at 5 months:

-She rolls all over the place, from front to back and back to front.  She is figuring out how to roll to get what she wants and Landon and I have even seen her scoot a little.
-She is so close to sitting up, she will sit until she sees something that she wants and then tips over.  She looks so proud of herself sitting up!
-Capri babbles and says Ma ma ma ma and it totally sounds like she says Landon when she's mad.
-Capri LOVES to make noise.  She figured out how to put her hand in front of her mouth to filter the noise, I can't think of what to call it... you know ah ah ah ah :)  She is always talking and most of the times it's not with her quiet voice. I am trying to figure out how to bring her down a few volume levels, but I love that she's trying to communicate.
-We still haven't heard Capri laugh.... if she wasn't smiling so much for us I'd be worried.
-Capri loves to be on her feet . When she stomps them in front of the mirror it looks like she's dancing.  We usually let her do it before we put her in the bath and call it her naked dance, it's so cute.  We need to get her a jumper.
-She puts her own paci in, yay! She can almost hold her own bottle.  She does but then acts so surprised when she moves her hands and the bottle falls.
- She is a social girl and loves commotion and being around other people.  We have to go outside everyday because she gets cabin fever.  I know, your'e thinking how does a baby get cabin fever, they aren't that aware of their surroundings..... but she totally is, and we both need the fresh air.
-Capri gives her smiles freely to anyone that will give her a little attention.
-Sleeping during the day is getting so much better.  She is finally letting me just swaddle her, cuddle for a minute, and lay her down without putting up a fight.  This is huge for us.  She's also sleeping for longer periods of time instead of the 20 minute naps we were getting before.  I used to feel like I was spending my entire day trying to get Capri to nap and when she finally went to sleep she was awake 20 minutes later and we'd start the whole process over again.  Exhausting, but I'm so happy it's gotten better!  We know when she's had enough sleep because she wakes up so happy and smiley!  I'm going to be sleep training next week and hope we can get her to sleep through the night soon. Just when I though we were close, we had a few random nights where she has gotten up every 2-3 hours, ugh.  I'm happy when she's sleeping, but I do have to say I miss my pal and look forward to getting her up.
-We had Capri sleeping in a Fisher Price Rock N Play and finally had to move her to a crib. I'm actually surprised we made it work for as long as we did.  She figured out how to sit up in it and kick her feet to make it rock.  As soon as I would lay her down she would start to kick her feet and smile no matter how close to sleep she was.  That lasted one day and then on to the crib.
-Capri is starting to cuddle.  I wondered if I'd ever have a cuddly baby but it's looking like we might have a chance! She even wraps her arms around my neck or holds on tight to my shoulder when she puts her head down.  When she's drinking her bottle she wants to hold my hand or put her hand on my face.  Such a sweetie.  This is cuddly thing is still rare, more of the time she wants to be looking around or thinks I'm trying to put her to sleep and arches her back!
- Capri is a good listener.  She looks over to see who's talking and she is so good when I read her stories.  She at least looks like she's listening and liking it. I talk to her in the car while I'm driving and watch her little reaction in the mirror because she knows I'm telling her something she needs to listen to.
-Capri loves her baths and loves swimming in the pool. She likes to kick her feet like crazy and goes such a long time for how much energy she's exerting.  She usually doesn't mind getting her whole head under in the shower now.

I love my Capri and can't believe how fast this is going!  

Look at her double her size in five months

I haven't taken her 5 month Laundry basket photo yet....