See Ya Cisco!

I say "See ya" because there is a chance we'll be back.   Though Landon's internship wasn't what he had in mind, he would still like to work for Cisco after graduation.  There is a strong possibility he will get a job offer so we are being optimistic and hope Cisco will be one of a few companies he'll get to choose from, fingers crossed.  We are so grateful for the Cisco internship opportunity and had a great time exploring California as a family of three.  The internship extended Landon's MBA program a little but has turned out to be a good thing, better resume for fall recruiting season, more time to find his dream job, and now he gets to go to Africa with a consulting team for Exon Mobile this fall.  We were glad it was a paid internship but didn't leave with the savings we had hoped for, monthly rent of $2100 for a tiny one bedroom apartment stinks.  It's just one of those things you do to live in Silicon Valley.  (If we become permanent residents of California we'll be able to find something more reasonable I'm sure.) 
Landon got to go indoor Skydiving for his closing social (he was the photographer) and I took Capri in to meet his co-workers on his last day (you can see Capri and I had a lot of fun with the self portraits while waiting for Landon to wrap things up.)  One of Landon's co-workers, Ramprasad, gave Capri the most beautiful Sari from India,  I can't wait until it fits her!  Capri is truly a global baby with clothes from all over - Europe, China, India, and I'm sure Landon will find something from Africa.  Cisco, it was a pleasure, thank you for the fun summer.