I want to be a Jackson

If you know the Jacksons, you probably say the same thing.   The Jacksons are the most thoughtful, kind, and service oriented people I know, and as you can see, absolutely beautiful.  This last week Ryan and Kelsey stayed with us and we loved it, we need to live by them one day.  I want our children to play together and spend summers like Ryan and Landon did growing up.

Landon and Ryan are second cousins and first played together at age eight when the Jackson's stopped in Utah on a RV trip.  They asked if Landon wanted to join them and the rest is history.  Ryan and Landon have spent every summer from age eight until their missions together.  Basketball camps, scout camps, swimming in the Arizona heat, and playing video games all summer long.  JC and Lynn treated Landon like he was one of their own and welcomed me just the same loving way.  When Landon and I first moved to Arizona to begin school at Thunderbird I was searching for a job.  Lynn told me I could come help her organize and clean out her already spotless house and few times a week.  I was overpaid to come shadow one of the women I want to be like,  I called it my "internship with Lynn."   We talked while we worked and I got to watch Lynn interact with her children, neighbors, and even the repairman.  I think she talked with each one of her children on the phone at least once everyday I was with her and the man that came to fix the blinds left with lunch and a generous tip.  I could go on and on about the thoughtful kindness I've watched JC and Lynn render and their children that follow their lead.  Landon and I tell each other that we want to be like the Jackson's on a regular basis.    

Ryan and Kelsey are taking advantage of the break Ryan has from medical school and we were lucky enough to fit into one of their many vacations.  Since Landon had to work during the day, Ryan and Kelsey went off exploring in San Francisco and then hung out at our place at night.  We ate yummy dinners, too many desserts, and loved staying up late talking.  Ryan and Kelsey were the hardest working guests I've ever had, ha ha!  I would turn around and there they were doing the dishes or taking care of Capri.  Landon and I went on an evening run and came back to hot dinner that Ryan and Kelsey made while we were running.....I know right?!   The Jacksons are sneaky- filling up your car with gas or buying you ice cream when you're not looking.  Ryan and Kelsey left us with the sweetest thank you gift and the movie Tangled for Capri, as if they hadn't already done enough.  Yes, we love them so much.  In fact, before Ryan got married, Landon told me that if he died, he would want me to marry Ryan Jackson.  I didn't even know Ryan when he first told me that, but now I can see why.  Ryan and Kelsey are some of the most selfless people I know!  Sure love you guys, thanks for the fun week!