San Jose Giants

It’s baseball season!  After our morning in Santa Cruz we hurried back to join the Samuelson’s at the San Jose Giants baseball game. I usually go a few days before washing my hair, but today was really pushing it after the run so the headband was necessary. There is something about a baseball game, sunflower seeds, and cold sodas that make it feel like summer.   Capri loved looking at little James and would get the biggest smile on her face, so cute.  I love when Capri smiles at strangers, I hope her social skills continue in this direction.  After the game we went to Santana Row for dinner at Plutos.  We went here the last time we got together with the Samuelson’s and I love their sweet potato fries and dipping sauce!  Summer nights are the best!

A Beach Run

Saturday morning Landon let me sleep in and took care of Capri, it was so nice!  After I woke up (I’m not going to say what time it was!) , we packed up and then drove to Santa Cruz for our 12 mile run.   The views were so refreshing and rejuvenating.  I can’t believe we are only an hour away from this beach, we will definitely be visiting a few more times before Landon’s internship is over.  The first 3.5 miles of the run were along sea cliffs that looked over the ocean; we forgot we were even running the air felt to fresh and clean.  Then our path led us onto the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk and we inhaled the smells of French fries and BBQ while running past the old fashion amusement park.  I loved the rollercoaster and sky ride and really want to ride them next time…. I forget we have a baby sometimes, maybe by myself?  We turned around at 5 miles since our path kind of ended and ran the same way back.  When we reached 10 miles I was ready to be done since we were back to where we started…. I’m a head case.  I fed Capri a few gulps from her bottle and finished the last two miles strong.  That was the furthest I’ve ever run.  Landon and I take turns pushing the jogging stroller every .5 miles.  He was awesome and pushed it up the hills and into the wind to make my turns easier.  Capri was SO GOOD!  We thought she would take a great nap while we were running, but she was just as stimulated as we were by the sights, sounds, and smells.  We got her out to stretch before getting in the car, it, she looks exhausted in the picture and she was! We had a wonderful run and then hurried back home and showered in record time to meet the Samuelson’s at the San Jose Giants baseball game.  The Samuelson’s are also here for the summer while Craig is doing an internship with Cisco.  We are not alone with a new baby either; their James is a month younger than Capri.  

Next week is our half marathon run; I have more confidence in myself this time!


San Francisco Giants

Friday night we went to The San Francisco Giants game with Jordan and Brooke.  I went to school with Brooke and cheered with her in Jr. High, it has been so great to have a long time friend here in California, of coarse there's been lots of catching up to do since it's been so long!  Not only are Brooke and Jordan a really handsome couple they are so fun together.   They know how to take advantage of living in beautiful California and do fun activities all of the time, I’m glad we could join them for this one!   The Giants stadium is incredible, I love that it looks over the bay.   It did get a little chilly next to the water so we bundled Capri up and she did great.  The sling I put Capri in has been a lifesaver.  As uncomfortable as it looks, she loves it!  She curls up in the sling and goes to sleep most of the time.  Landon and I have been able to get out and do a lot of things because she does so well in the sling.  I am defiantly an advocate for “baby wearing,” it’s allowed us adjust into parenthood more smoothly and I love that Capri is so close to me.  Back to the game, we had a wonderful time despite the loss and I was happy for the excuse to wear my orange pants two days in a row.  I only made one dumb sports comment and Landon of coarse had to text my brothers so they could make fun of me too.  Ahh…. you would think I'd be an expert after growing up with three brothers that played every sport right?  


Happy Birthday Mom

A birthday message brought to you by Capri:

I don't know what we would have done without her the week Capri was born.  She pretty much packed up our storage unit and house, drove a car to California, and then unpacked everything while I snuggled Capri and Landon did school, his internship, and left to go to Grandma Rhea's funeral.  It's crazy to think one day I'll get to help Capri like that.  I've been so lucky to grow up with a Mom so resourceful, creative, and talented.  I had a wonderful childhood because of my great mom. 
 Happy Birthday to you.

Like how we celebrated today from a distance?  

Oh, and for the occasion, I just have to share this cute video of Grandma and Capri at 5 days old when she came to help.


A run around the park

Landon and I have started running the last few weeks. He's training for a marathon in September and I've been running with him even though I haven't committed to the marathon yet. Landon is crazy and has completed four marathons.  I'm kind of a baby and I guess I don't have that burning desire or goal to complete a marathon, but am so proud of him!  I'm happy to run with him now, but like having option out in case it gets too hard.  One positive thing about me running with him is that my baby weight is finally coming off.  I was hoping to be one of those girls that breastfeeds and is magically better looking than pre-pregnancy, but after weeks of no change I decided the extra baby weight wasn't going to come off without me taking some action.  My favorite thing about running is that our whole family is together, Capri LOVES being in the jogging stroller!  You can tell she listens to every sound and perks up when she hears the birds, cars, water, or Landon and I talking (mostly breathing heavy).  She smiles at us from her seat and we smile back.   Eventually she gets tired and dozes off, but wakes up seconds after we stop our running.  I think we say "She is so cute!", or "Just look at her!"at least ten times while starring at her wide blue eyes and smile that gets so big it doesn't fit her face. She makes our runs much more enjoyable.  Saturdays are our long runs and today we ventured out to the Golden Gate Park and ran seven miles.  We have plans to explore every Saturday for the next few weeks.  I forgot the sd card for our camera, but I managed to take a few photos with my phone.  Our run today made us really like San Francisco, it was beautiful and there is so much to do in one park!  We saw ponds, waterfalls, botanical gardens, bison, the ocean, bands playing, children's playgrounds, a botchy ball tournament, Polo fields, and so many families picnicking and enjoying the beautiful Saturday. I'm actually looking forward to next Saturday's run.... minus the twelve mile part.


Capri's Baby Blessing

Capri wore the dress I was blessed in, isn't it precious?  Landon thinks the bonnet makes her look like a pioneer baby, but it's my favorite part of the dress.  We went to Utah for a week and blessed Capri Sunday, June 10th at my parents home in Cache Valley.  It was a small gathering with close friends and family.  Landon gave the sweetest blessing.  I am so thankful for his priesthood and the wonderful leader and example he is in our family. Capri is fortunate to have a father like him who loves her so very much.  Capri was an angel on her blessing day and didn't cry once. We had anxiety about Capri meeting our families for the first time and her having one of her melt downs, or worse crying through her blessing. We were so thankful she was an absolute delight that day.  I think she is a social girl and enjoys the commotion and being passed around. We loved visiting, eating, and showing off Capri to our friends and family after the blessing.  We feel so loved and blessed to have the friends and family we do, it's amazing to think these people loved Capri before they even met her, that's just the kind of people they are.  We hope Capri grows up to know and love our friends and family like we do.  Here's a list and some pictures of those who came:

Dad & Mom, 
Great Grandpa & Grandma Garrett, Great Grandpa & Grandma Stuart, Grandpa & Grandma Stuart, Uncle Brady, Tessa & Van, Uncle Ryan, Aunt Jackie,  Great Grandpa Bud, Great Uncle Kelly, Grandpa & Grandpa Pitcher, Uncle Court & Aunt Kelli, Cambrie, Kaden, Becca, Uncle Mike & Aunt Val, Jackson, Kiley, Uncle Adam & Aunt Corie, Bella, Callie, Uncle Steve and his girlfriend Ally,
Aunt Monica and her boyfriend Blake, Rob & Diane, Laura, Brooke Jackson, Dad & Mom's friends Zach & Sarah Burk, Isaac & Skylear Beus, Dave and his fiancĂ© Autumn and his whole family, and Jenn & Vic McPeck