a Happy Father's Day

This is the Card ^ we printed for Landon.  I gave it to Capri this morning to deliver to Landon while he was getting ready for church.  It got wrinkled in the short walk from around the corner to our bathroom, but the delivery girl had a big smile and was pretty darn cute.
Landon is a wonderful father and it's obvious that Landon and Capri have something special that no one can touch.  Capri and I sing I'm so glad when daddy comes home and practice kisses almost every day in preparation for our favorite time of the day.... when daddy actually comes home.  Capri knows it's playtime when he comes through the door!  Ninety percent of the time she runs to find a ball to throw with daddy. No matter what kind of a day Landon had, he puts down his work bag and kisses, tickles, and plays with Capri.  Landon's the Dad I imagined him to be and so much more.  I think Landon says "I love Capri" to me at least 5 times a day. 

It was pretty hot today (93 degrees equals 103 to us) but we decided to get out for a little while anyway. We have some pretty great parks around and will try to visit a park every Sunday if the weather permits.  As soon as we got out of the car Capri took off running.  Landon and I laugh that instead of just saying "go"  Capri says "GO! go! Go!"and that is exactly how she rolls. So busy, and oh so fast. We captured a few mini melt downs here because she couldn't "go, go, go" like she wanted.  The picture of her laying down next to the water is because she was pretty disappointed she couldn't get in the water.  I wish I had her energy and excitement for life.  It's so fun watching her take everything in and how much joy a simple afternoon at the park brings her.

We weren't prepared with Father's Day breakfast before 9am church, but we did make a yummy dinner off the grill. The only thing that could have made Landon's day better would have been a win from the Miami Heat.  He's been looking forward to the NBA finals and I hope they we have better luck next game.

happy fathers day Landon.
We love you.