Our Indian Princess

This sweet outfit is from Ram, an Indian friend Landon worked with at Cisco during his internship.  He gave it to Capri when she was just six months old and I have been looking at it for months waiting for the day it fit!   We have made some wonderful Indian friends over the last few years and it is an honor to dress Capri in one of their beautiful traditional sarees.  Capri danced in front of the mirror and we could just tell she knew she looked pretty!  I also nannied for an Indian family when we got back from China while I was pregnant with Capri. I learned how to make some good curry and also began to understand just how big India is and how diverse India can be within it's own country. I am in love with the Indian name Prya and considered it for Capri, but Prya isn't really short for an already two syllable name.  We have been invited to two of our dear Indian friend's weddings (friends from Thunderbird) next year and would love to go... guess we better start saving our pennies!