Galveston and Good Friends

We count our blessings, and in Abby's word's lucky stars to have met the Valenzuela's in grad school.  They are some of our best friends and we can't believe we only live a few hours from them here in Texas!  I still remember Abby calling me shortly after we moved to AZ on a day I was feeling lonely and asked if I wanted to go on a hike with her.  On our hike we talked about whether or not we wanted our husbands to do the Thunderbird modules abroad and if we would go with them, future babies, etc.  It's so fun to look back on that conversation barley knowing each other and think of all the things we have done together since!  Our "Cruise Family" memories will never be forgotten, traveling around Prague and Budapest together, both coming home from our travels expecting girls just 6 weeks apart, and spending many weekends laughing, playing games, and eating good food together in Arizona.  Yes, we are indeed lucky and can't believe Gabe and Landon both landed jobs here in the big state of Texas after school.
This weekend Gabe, Abby, and Londyn made the drive down to Spring and we all headed to Galveston together.  Because I don't have a cute chalkboard like Abby, I taped this ^sign onto our front door.  We were able to put our new car to it's full use. Gabe strategically packed up the small SUV so we would all fit with strollers and beach gear around us.  It was so fun looking in the rearview mirror and seeing the six of us, our "Cruise Family" expanded.  I'm kind of sentimental, but I felt so proud of us while looking in the mirror and seeing us all together- we have come so far since we first met a little over two years ago starting grad school and wondering where we would end up.  I could go on about our fun memories forever, but instead I"ll post about the ones we just made this weekend!

 ^ Capri trying to give Londyn a kiss
^I think this is one of my favorite pictures.  Capri ran straight to the water and laid on her back and let the water come up around her face.  The camera didn't come out soon enough, but Landon just jumped right in with her and the had a blast.

^These two played and played until they were tuckered out.

The next day we made breakfast, lounged around, and then headed over Old Town Spring.  It was so hot, so we only made it into five or six shops before deciding Texas BBQ in an air conditioned restaurant was a good idea.  I loved Old Town Spring and will go again with Capri when it cools down a little bit. 

 ^The girls loved bumper highchairs
^ ^How cute are they?  We didn't pose them like this I promise. Well, Landon did set Capri on the stool so the girls could watch the dog through the fence.

What a fun weekend.  We ate yourselves sick and had a great time visiting. Feels good to have family away from home.