Capri & Capri

Capri Hooper at 9 months 
& Capri Pitcher at 4months 

After meeting Capri Hooper we were reassured about naming our little one Capri... isn't she a cutie pie! We were told that people grow into their names, but we really hadn't met anyone with the name Capri so we didn't know what kind of name (or destiny, joking!) we were giving our child.  Well, with these two babes, it's got to be a fabulous name right?  I searched a little while pregnant and here's pretty much what I found:

Capri \c(a)-pri, cap-ri\ as a girl's name is of Italian origin. Name of the Italian island famous for its beauty. A modern name. 

Origin of Capri: Italian place name

Origin: "capriccio."
Languages: This girl's name is used in Italian.
Nickname For: Caprice
Narrative: This musical term is based on the Greek wordcapra, meaning ''goat'' -- an animal whose sudden changes in direction and vaulting jumps are good examples of 
Meaning: Its source is capriccio, an Italian name meaning "A playful action."

Meanings and history of the name Capri: An Island off of Italy; means: whimsical

{Capri} Gender: Girl  Origin: Italian Rank: #1604 on BabyCenter   Meaning: Whimsical

Interesting, but nothing that has me worried about her future.  Landon and I watched the documentary Freakanomics where they did a short clip on names and whether they determine your destiny.  They found that some names are more likely to get interviews when viewed on resumes, there are names more common for wealthy households, and names more common in low income households. But when all is said and done, your name didn't determine your future and people don't "grow into their names."  What they did decide is that parents choose names influenced by their environment and experiences and then the child is raised with similar influences.  An example would be farm town parents that name their child Billy Bob.  Billy Bob might grow up talking slang and riding tractors because that was the way his parent's raised him, his environment, not that he was growing into his name.  Another example would be wealthy parents that name their child Charles.  Charles might grow up polite and highly educated because of his upbringing, not because he was growing into the name Charles.  Hmm, not sure I explained that in a way that made sense, but hopefully you get what the Freakanomics studies found.   Anyway, I think it's funny that if it's the parent's environment and experiences that influence name choices, it makes sense that we chose the same name as the Hoopers :)  We have very similar experiences so far, it's like we are just shadowing the Hoopers!  So will our Capri's grow up similar? Maybe. Be Similar?  Probably not.  Their Capri has a much calmer temperament and is so easy going compared to our Capri. But it will be fun to see what these two pretty girls become.  They are already full of life and energy making the world around them a much better place.  These blue eyed babes will become wonderful people no doubt.  We love the name Capri and we love Capri, and that's all that really matters.

So many people have asked us where we came up with the name Capri so here's the short story.  Landon's friend Isaac gives himself the credit for our marriage because he helped to get us out on our first date (that's another story). We joked that he could name our first child as a reward for his role in getting us together .... so he did.   Isaac would text us a few names here and there, but wanted some direction.  Landon told him Italy was one of our favorite places we visited for many reasons and the next day he sent this text:
and we responded: love it, done.
Isaac and Skyler heard Colbie Caillet's song "Capri" on the radio in the car and sent us that text message right away.