Happy Independence Day

We missed home today.  Wish we were playing with the kiddos above.  We missed the Kaysville parade and all the little girls in their red, white, & blue hair bows, family, and fireworks. The fourth of July is one of Landon’s favorite holidays and has become one of mine.  I remember being fascinated with Landon’s patriotism when we were dating.  He loves America, loves the colors red, white, and blue, and loves every country song about our nation.  This is the second year in a row we have been away from family on the 4th, last year we were in Lithuania.  We did celebrate in Lithuania by wearing our patriotic colors and watching the movie “The Patriot” on our laptop.

Though we missed family, we still had a great day!  It began with a morning run along the beach, it was only supposed to be 6 miles, but Capri fell asleep toward the end so we ran 9 miles to give our babe a good nap and catch up from a missed run earlier in the week.  We loved running in Santa Cruz again and felt great!   I am a little obsessed with the beach houses along the water and like to dream about a day we could own one, or vacation in one.  The weather wasn’t super hot but we still enjoyed the beach with our friends the Hoopers.  We have so much in common with the Hoopers it’s a little crazy, I’m surprised we didn’t run into them prior to moving to California.  Their little girl is also named Capri, they are from Davis County, Andrea went to Davis High School, Tyler got his MBA and is working at Cisco, and they love to travel and have been to almost all the same countries we have!  They have been such good friends and have made us feel so welcome here.  After playing in the sand we met up with Landon’s mission buddy and his wife Patrick and Danielle to stroll the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and watch fireworks over the water.  We went to bed thinking it was the weekend, but back to work and then another play day in two days!