Monterey Bay and Carmel

We had another wonderful weekend.  We only have five Saturdays left until Landon's internship in California is over so we are trying to take advantage of as much as we can, even when the weather is not sunny beach weather. It never is in northern California, but some days are better than others.  We drove to Monterey Bay Saturday morning and began our 13 mile run at Lover's Point.  We both felt great after our run and it really wasn't too hard!  The physical body amazes me.  It's crazy to think four months ago my body was housing a little baby and now I'm running further than I've ever run before.  I feel so blessed to be healthy and have a healthy family.  The views on our run were beautiful.  Landon says the beaches here are a tease and he's never been a fan of overcast, but I thought it was perfect for our run.  I do like listening to music while we run, we usually leave one headphone out so we can hear Capri if she cries.  Landon told me I listen to wimpy music so I listened to a rap station on Pandora half way through the run and loved it ha ha!  I don't even know what any of the songs were saying, I just liked the beat. After our run we changed our clothes in the car (so no, we didn't shower in these pictures!) and met up with the Hoopers and Samuelson's to eat at a yummy Mexican Restaurant.  Our booth overlooked the water and we watched a sea lion hang out on the rocks. The Hooper's have been awesome about showing us around and wanted to take us to their  favorite beach in Carmel.  It was the prettiest beach we've seen in the area.  We played around, tossed a football, kicked a soccer ball, and too a walk to Pebble Beach to look for golf balls.   I found my dream house along the way, I think I was drooling. Gorgeous Right?   We loved the beach town of Carmel.  It was fun to see the shops and look at the artwork.  I found myself a candy store and I also loved the Sea Side Children's Boutique, but sorry Capri, I don't think we will ever buy you a swimming suit for sixty dollars while you are still in grade school.  We walked around enough to work up an appetite and went to a pizza place for dinner.  On the way, we got pulled over for running a stop sign, darn it.  It was dark and a little rainy and neither of us could see it; no sympathy from the officer though.  Landon already got his first ticket in California for being on his phone in the car  just a few days after we got here.  We innocently (I guess it was more ignorantly) didn't know that there was a law about cell phones here.  Oh well.  Tickets stink, you just have to pay up and try not to think about it.  At least we didn't let it ruin our fun weekend!  

Don't we look fabulous in our running attire?  I decided to document it anyway :)

 Landon and Craig Sporting their favorite college teams.  At least Craig actually has ties to his school.
 My Dream house.  Looks good on us right?

 Landon just had to throw a football on Pebble Beach Golf Coarse.