Sweet Tooth

The Hoopers picked up on how much I really LOVE candy and suggested we take a trip to Rocket Fizz in Campbell for Family Home Evening.    We met at their house and Andrea fed us dinner, she is a fabulous cook and made a chicken and pasta dish.  The Samuelson's came too and Tori gave a great FHE lesson from one of Elder Ukdorf's talks about enjoying the journey.  It was perfect for us.  Landon and I often get caught up in the "when MBA school is over... when we are settled down somewhere...when Capri grows out of her colic... when we have money to buy... when I go back to school....."  and forget to enjoy the journey of getting there.   When we look back on these past few years, I think we will have some pretty found memories of our graduate school journey- living in Arizona, making wonderful friends, traveling all around the world, and our first few months with a new baby in Cali.  I was in charge of the Family Home Evening activity and created a candy scavenger hunt.  Hayden found all of the candies on the list first and won.  Each couple also bought a new or different candy for everyone else to try.  We bought white and milk chocolate Lion bars that Landon enjoyed on his mission and we ate almost every day in Europe. The Samuelson's bought money candy (ha ha!), and the Hoopers bought Harry Potter jelly beans, and mini burgers.  Don't worry, we didn't really let Capri try her burger, it just looked so cute in her little hands and she knew exactly what to do with it.  I think she'll have a sweet tooth like her mama if she remembers anything about being in the womb!  I loved trying candy from the different countries when we traveled and pretty much lived off of candy in China.  My candy consumption has always been pretty high, but I think it did increase while I was pregnant.  I am going to try and wait as long as possible before we introduce sweets to Capri.  Do you think her first experience with sweets could be on her first birthday with her birthday cake?  I think it's silly when parents give their kids candy and the kids don't know any different, but at the same time, I'm not going to be the parent that never lets her kids have candy.   Hopefully we will be able to find a heathy balance.  Capri looked like she was in heaven, she was so stimulated by the candy store and all of the different colors!  The next week we went to this cute candy shop off of the beach in Carmel.  I bought all kinds of licorice and cookie dough balls for Landon.  The store felt like Hansel and Gretel's cottage, I loved it.