A Weekend for the Body & Soul

The month of July is the heart of summer, and we are loving it so far.  Friday night we had a BBQ with the Samuelsons and Hoopers.  We extended our holiday and wore our patriotic colors, one day Capri won't want to match her mom so I'm soaking it up now.  I should have taken a family photo because Landon's white shirt matched us too. Hayden and Capri were in their yellows so we weren't the only matching family. We of coarse had a great time at the Hoopers and love being entertained by Hayden, four years old is such a fun age!

This Saturday we tried the Los Gatos trail that goes through Santa Clara county for our 11 mile run. I took a few pictures with my iPhone and am getting good and snapping on the go.  It was a great paved trail which was nice for the stroller, but we didn't like sharing the trail with so many runners and bikers.  We should be happy that there were so many people that wanted to get out and exercise and enjoy their Saturday too.  Capri was awesome on the run as always.... that alone should make us want to run more often!  The 7mph sign made me smile, we don't run quite that fast on long runs, but it's funny to think of runners having to reduce their speed.  We were actually supposed to run 13 miles, but I wanted to stop at 11. My excuses weren't very good and I should have just finished, but my feet were killing me and I wanted to have enough time to get ready for our temple trip.  I think my feet grew during pregnancy because my running shoes feel too small now and my feet are showing signs of it.  Next week is only 10 miles so maybe we can run 13 instead to make up for it.  I'm still not sure I'm capable of running a marathon, I'm such a head case, but for now I'm enjoying exploring California with Landon and Capri.   Landon is a champion as usual.

We were able to spend the later half of our Saturday in Oakland.  We met up with the Hoopers and the Samuelsons to attend the temple.  Landon and I watched their kids first and then went in while they watched Capri.  Capri is so high maintenance that I felt better about being the couple to watch all of the kids.  The three other kids combined were still better than Capri, (sigh) good thing we love her like crazy.  I was really worried about leaving Capri because her crying/shrilling is the kind that can only be tolerated by parents that love her very much; meaning- it's really loud and hard on the nerves, especially if you're not used to hearing it multiple times a day.  Calming her down from a melt down can be pretty tricky.  Thankfully Heavenly Father answered my prayer and Capri did great while Landon and I were inside the temple.  The Hoopers and Samuelsons knew how worried I was about leaving Capri and I think they would have told me she did okay even if she did freak out!  We were so grateful for the opportunity to attend the temple and for sweet friends that were willing to watch Capri.  Afterwards we went to Baja Mexican Resturant and then to Fennton's Creamery for dessert.  I hope the Hoopers and Sameulsons aren't tired of us because we sure enjoyed our weekend hanging out with them!