San Antonio, Austin, and Uncle Adam

Landon's brother Adam had a business conference in San Antonio last week and was nice enough to take the rest of the week off to see us! Capri and I drove to San Antonio to pick him up on Wednesday and he took us around the Alamo and the River Walk.  I got Capri to say Alamo.... it sounds a lot like "Elmo."  We turned right back around to Houston and Capri did awesome for 6 or so hours in the car.  We visited one of our favorite BBQ places that night and boy can our little Capri put down BBQ!  

The next day Adam mowed our lawn and fixed our trimmer, how do we luck out with the most helpful guests?! We picked up Landon from work downtown, the boys went to the downtown YMCA to lift while Capri and I went to the Children's Museum.  I think it was a win win.

Adam has been to just about every state and big city in the US, so we decided to check off Austin over the weekend.  We relaxed and swam in our hotel pool when we got there, slept in, and ate a huge breakfast.  I'm sure we would all love Austin much more in some cooler weather.  But since we made the trip, we braved the heat and somehow survived. I do have to say that I'm glad we walked 6th street in the day, I can't imagine what crazies we'd see at night!  The Capitol building is pretty impressive and the boys were nice enough to let me go to the farmer's market while they stayed in the air conditioned car.  Did I mention how HOT it was? Last we visited the Longhorn's stadium and headed home. Quick trip, but we at least got a feel for the city and I'm sure we'll be back soon.

^Capri was a little nervous about this one^

We got home from taking Adam to the airport and the plan was to let Capri nap and then go to Pappasitos for dinner (I couldn't stop thinking about it since we went with Gabe and Abby last weekend!)  Capri woke up from her nap while I was sorting laundry so I brought her downstairs to find Landon asleep on the laundry.   I thought Capri would help wake up her Dad, so I sat her on his back and she laid down and went right back to sleep too!  It looked like I wasn't going to finish the laundry or get Mexican for a while there so I woke them both up and blamed it on a pregnancy craving.