Independence Day

Being away from Utah and family on the 4th is like being away for Christmas... well, it's sad anyway.  It's hard knowing your family is doing the same traditions and we are not part of the fun! I thought we'd start some of our own traditions and take Capri to a parade this morning, but decided the heat and traffic wasn't worth it. 

^^ Instead we went to the downtown YMCA to workout and Landon played basketball.  Just as I was finishing my workout I got paged to the kids club because Capri was crying.  It was almost a relief, I was beginning to think that girl didn't know the difference between a stranger and her parents because she's so social, but apparently she missed us.^^
 ^^Afterwards we drove to the Nike outlet hoping they were having a sale.  Landon found some awesome basketball shoes and he was as cute a kid on Christmas with excitement.  Capri loves the Nike store and goes straight to the ball bin.  I think she tried out every ball in the basket.  She usually runs around the store with a ball and it's exhausting keeping up with her.  Landon was brilliant and let her try on a pair of adult cleats.  She loved them and kept them on until it was time to leave, we loved them because they slowed her down and we didn't have to chase her and a basketball all over the store; fast pace turned into a shuffle.^^

^^We swam in our community pool until Capri was tuckered out.  It's so nice that all we have to do is walk across the grass at the end of our street to get to the pool. Capri is getting so good at making motor boat sounds in the water (Landon's teaching her how to breath out under water), floating on her back, and moving herself along the wall.  She is fearless when it comes to swimming and wants us to let go of her in the pool. Landon says it's a good thing, but it scares me. 
^^We went to the Walkers for dinner with some others in our ward, caught some street fireworks, and drove up to The Woodlands just in time to see the big fireworks off the side of the road. My camera and phone died for the big fireworks, but firework pictures hardly turn out anyway and all look the same right? Next year we'll go a little earlier so we can lay out a blanket and listen to the concert. Since Friday is a work day for Landon, we decided to watch our traditional movie, The Patriot, tomorrow night.  I think that's about the only 4th of July tradition we have followed since we have known each other besides the Kaysville Parade and get together with the Pitchers.  The first 4th of July I knew Landon I wasn't feeling good. He came to my college apartment and watched The Patriot with me instead of going out and seeing fireworks.  We have watched it every year since, even when we were in Lithuania. Landon is one of the most Patriotic people I know and loves the USA.  It was one of many things that attracted me to him when we were dating.  When we were traveling, Landon always made people feel like their country was beautiful and special when talking to them, (because usually it was easy to find something we loved about their country); but in private, Landon would constantly tell me why we are so incredibly blessed to live in the US.  Traveling has helped us both appreciated this beautiful country we live in more than ever.  I get emotional when I think "how did I get to be one of the lucky ones born here?" We are truly proud to be Americans and feel grateful and blessed to be free and call this country home.  Happy Independence Day!