She's Got the Beat

Today we were driving home from the grocery store listening to Baby Einstein Music.   I caught a glimpse of Capri in the back seat directing the classical music with both hands, right on beat.  It was so cute that I wanted to pull over and take a picture.   She used to shout “a-gaiN, a-gaiN!” after a song ended in the car.  Now before I even start the music in the car she is already saying “a-gaiN, a-gaiN!”  Capri has always loved music and it excites me.  When Capri was just 2 months old she would kick her little feet to the beat of music, every night before her bath we would sing while she danced in front of the mirror, she loves playing the piano, leading the music in church, and she starts dancing or clapping along anytime she hears a beat.  I am so impressed with her rhythm; she definitely does not get it from me.  Her Dad on the other hand is one heck of a singer and the all the Pitchers have musical talent.  I hope she continues to love and feel music like she does now.   I made an amateur video of some moments caught on our cell phones, I wish they were better quality, but I'm at least glad we have them! Music is a part of her daily life and I wish I had more of it on tape, I'll just have to be more prepared to catch the little songs we sing and dance parties we have in the kitchen with mixing bowls on our heads!  Is this little girl really going to be 16 month this week?