The days pass by and even though nothing "eventful" happens, these are the best days!
^Capri is a book worm and is starting to read with me- I pause and she says the word.  She only does this with our four or five favorite books, but it knocks the socks off of me!  Now that Capri can say more words, I'm surprised at how much she has actually retained over the months of reading books^

Capri just turned 16 months.  I haven't been writing down her milestones since she turned one so now is as good as ever.  
  • Capri is saying all of her colors even though she usually only gets the color pink right when we point to things (blue and orange are getting there)
  • "where it go?" "Outside" "oh-no" "Again!""Book" "Watch Show" are some words we hear a lot around here, but she usually tries and repeats the last word of most things I say.  My favorite that I've heard recently is "I sorry," she has said it to me and when she gets hurt herself.
  • She is into "ICE" and brings me a measuring cup to fill with crushed ice from the fridge.
  • We are working really hard on getting Capri to use her inside voice, but she just can't contain her happy screams.  I've tried reading what to do and most things say it's just a phase.  I'm starting to feel exhausted besides embarrassed when it comes to keeping her quiet. 
  • Capri loves to type on the keyboard and find the letter "C." She points "C" out to me in signs and books which amazes me.  I was so impressed with her cousin who could spell his name just before he turned 2 and wondered if Capri could do it.  So far she spells "C-A-P" and once she spelled "C-A-P-I." 
  • Balls, books, bubbles, playing outside, swimming, blocks, dancing, singing, and the park are probably her favorite activities.  I've tried coloring a few times, but she wasn't a big fan. Dress ups and purses are creeping up on the list.
  • Lately Capri has been getting in to my craft cupboard and pulling out the gift bags.  I find them around the house filled with various treasure- blocks, stuffed animals, balls etc.
  • Noodles, strawberries, and avocados have always been a hit and are still her favorites. Oh, and turkey dogs as long as Landon's not home.  Yesterday I asked Capri if she wanted a popsicle.  I turned around from getting it out of the freezer and she was already in her highchair.  I thought "Did I put her in there already?"  Nope.  She climbed in herself and sat down with no trouble at all.  I guess I'm not surprised- she started walking at 9 months, jumping with both feet off the ground at 11, somersaults and kicking balls down the street before 13. I guess climbing into her highchair and the ladder on the playground is next thing to do.
  • We went on a walk today and Capri could see her shadow the entire time.  I watched her move around and pause while trying to figure it out.  Finally she blew the shadow a kiss and said "Bye-Bye" before taking off running.  It was probably the cutest thing ever.  
  • Capri is still busy, busy, busy.  Her attention span is getting longer, but our activities don't last long before she's on to the next activity, or should I say next mess?  She is playing better by herself more and more everyday. She still wants to do whatever I'm doing most of the time, but will play in the toy room for a few minutes if what I'm doing isn't very fun.  
^A sweet lady in my ward sent her son over to play with Capri while I got some projects done.  It was the greatest service, I have to remember to do that when our kids our older.   Capri and I are both thankful Capri has been able to come to nursery with me the last few months.  She loves singing time and we are working on sitting still for the lesson.  She does the actions for the songs at home with me, but likes to sit and watch the other children when we get to church. ^
^After church nap bed head.  I am not patient with puzzles so I'm glad she is finally doing them on her own without my help. ^

 ^The pool is heaven for Capri and is always more fun when Dad can come too, (here but not pictured)^
^Wish I could say this entertained her for hours, but the twenty minutes was still fun.^
^This was the morning I heard Capri yelling "outside" from her crib and could not be convinced of anything more fun until we left the house.  She was too big for the little playground and went straight for the big slides. ^
^ regular dance party in the kitchen with mixing bowl hats.  Don't worry, she gave me one too.^
^ yummy salads (Spicy Honey Chicken and Chicken BLT) because my doctor says the pregnancy weight is creeping up too fast.  Ugh, no one wants to hear that.  I gained 10lbs the second my body knew it was pregnant with Capri too.
^Insisted on taking her purse on our walk.  Didn't realize this girly thing would start so young! (Well.... she did drop her purse on the sidewalk when she saw a basketball)^
 ^My favorite moment of the week.  Capri learning about one of life's simple pleasures- milk and homemade chocolate chip cookies.  She looked so cute in that big Tshirt we made at the children's museum and even cuter dipping her cookie in milk.  I had to step back and think "Is this really my life?" These two dipping cookies in the same glass belong to me and I couldn't be luckier.  It came at the perfect time.  Landon and I just got done talking about some of our current goals.  I really wanted to spend some money decorating and having painters come do the interior of our house, but when we prioritized our wants, spending time with family, traveling, and paying off school debt came above that.
We were on the same page, but I was feeling bummed because I was anxious to start turning our house into what I wanted our home to look like.  This little moment with milk and cookies helped me see that the most important things to me were right in front of me and life is good!  Who cares about paint and bedroom furniture when I get to spend time with the people I love the most.  I get to spend my days kissing this girl's sweet cheeks and it brings me so much happiness and joy.  I have the most wonderful husband.  Landon really would be a much better house husband than I am wife.  He doesn't forget to change the laundry, keeps vacuumed lines in the carpet, and paints stars in the sky for Capri, but still lets me stay home with her while he works long days.  How blessed and lucky am I?!  Nothing like a little glass of milk and cookies to put things into perspective. I am thankful.