Sweet Little Girls and Wicked!

Capri got to practice being a friend this week when the Valenzuela's came to visit.  There were many sweet moments shared between these girls, but we still have lots to work on before baby number 2 arrives! You never know what you are going to get with Londyn's sweet and sensitive personality and our spirited Capri.  My rockstar friend Abby just finished the certification to become a Body Pump Instructor here in Houston. It worked out perfect for them to come stay with us and play in between her classes. I can't even work out for an hour right now, I don't know she did full days of it!

^The giant night brite board was definitely a highlight of the Children's Museum for the girls.  They looked so dang cute doing everything. Oh I hope sleeping in a carseat is more comfortable than it looks.  Lucky for us when these girls napped at the same time.^
^I just love water babies!^
^^I got to see WICKED on Saturday with my darling friends Lyza and Christi from church.  I've been wanting to see it for years and was beginning to feel like I was the only one who hadn't seen it.  The music is incredible!  Even though it was so hot outside, I insisted on putting on my blazer to hide my 19 week (only 19, even though feel like I'm measuring 29 weeks) pregnant belly. I didn't quite get the jacket and shirt combo on right for the second picture, serves me right.^^
^^Saturday was a busy day- Abby had her Body Pump classes, Gabe was still at scout camp, and I had a friend's birthday lunch and Wicked, so that left Landon to watch the girls by himself that day.  I was secretly hoping Landon would get a better idea of what being a full time mommy is like- how fun, yet how exhausting it can be.  Well, once again he proved to me that he is better at everything!  I walked in to find out the girls had been to the pool, fed, napped, and redressed with matching clothes and hair bows. Gabe arrived while I was gone, but the boys had it so under control that Landon sent tired Gabe to take a nap and recover from scout camp while the girls happily watched a movie.  I love that he got out the rocking horses to ride while watching the movie (in a clean house I might add!).  He's a keeper.^^
 ^One last park visit and lunch before the the Valenzuela girls headed home. Capri might begin to expect these lunch dates with girlfriends, she totally enjoys them.  We learned that salad bar is the way to go to keep these girls happy!^