Alabama @Texas A&M

Landon went to the Alabama @Texas A&M game with a co-worker last month.  It's great to be able to document something fun he did because let's be honest, this is a Capri blog, our world is kind of centered around her right now :)  Landon lived in Alabama for a few years when he was younger and has liked the team ever since.  He was so cute when he called to ask me if he could go the day before.  I knew he really wanted to go, but we both know Saturdays are really the only full day we get to hang out or get anything done together for that matter.  He started out by telling me the tickets were a few hundred dollars more expensive than he was actually planning on paying so that when the approximate number came out I was more willing to say yes.   He didn't really have to convince me, he works such long days for us I was happy that he finally had something in common with someone at work and had something fun to do.  Landon actually ended up getting in for free (which is another story) so that makes the deal even sweeter.  The only negative thing about him leaving for the game is that his phone died and I couldn't get a hold of him for few hours that night.  Just as I started to get worried he sent me a message from another phone.... few.  He snapped a few photos from his phone before it died at least.  ROLL TIDE!