Old MacDonald Farm

We went to The Old MacDonald Farm in Humble for playgroup this week.  I don't know why Capri looks so dang serious in pictures, but we had a great time!  These goats below started eating Capri's skirt and knocked her down.  I was too busy helping her up and shooing away the goats to get a photo, but it was pretty darn funny! I guess that's what we get for trying to doll up with ruffles on a farm! There was enough to do to keep her entertained all day, but nap time rules.  My sweet mother inlaw sent me a message to tell me how cute Capri looked in the horse video she saw on instagram.  I wrote her back telling her that today was especially one of those days I absolutely enjoy being a stay at home Mom and felt guilty Landon was at work.  Capri was so delightful and we went an entire day without one crying episode!   At dinner that night she threw some food on the floor and all I said was "aah"and she looked at me and replied "I'm sorry MaMa" in the sweetest voice.  I felt like crying for JOY!  Seriously melted my heart that she is finally understanding and recognizing when it is appropriate to be sorry on her own.  I sure love this girl to pieces.  I think the fresh farm air did us both some good, I always feel better and happier when we play outside and I'm sure Capri does too.

...and then my camera died so we got the train and horsey pictures with my phone.