Conference Weekend

 From the looks of the little girl's faces, you can tell conference weekend was a good one.  We headed up to Dallas to spend it with our dear friends the Valenzuela's.  I feel like half of my blog posts will be with them because that's when we get out of the house and do fun things! Gabe and Abby took us to an awesome restaurant call Babes Chicken Dinner (yes, dinner not diner :)  It was one of the cutest restaurants I've been to and all the classic fried Texas food you could ask for.  They even had dancing for the littles in the isles and musical performers.  We were not prepared for colder weather that weekend coming from the 90's in Houston, so thanks again for outfitting us Valenzuela's.
The next morning we headed to the park with the girls and for a walk in the country side. The girls had no intention of coming back with us.  When we did get them back, we made an awesome conference breakfast.  Abby is such a good cook and we love eating her food.  It was hard to stay awake for conference after full bellies.

Here's to another weekend full of good friends, good food, and good words!