Life Lately According to my iPhone

Sadly, I have not take any pictures with my camera since we've been home from Utah! I am excited to upgrade my iphone so that when I am neglecting my camera, at least the quality of my phone pictures are better.  Many of these are already on instagram, just documenting them for the blog so they are all in one place.
^She told everyone she passed "I'm shopping" and couldn't wait for the cashier to ring up her selection of apples and cheese puffs. I love Trader Joes, just wish it was a little closer.^
 ^Dinner at my favorite Mexican Restaurant to celebrate Adam Brodrick's birthday.  I love their fajita burrito and chips and salsa so much, it might as well been my birthday.
And this photo just becuase Landon captured this girl's wild curls and I love them.^
^Last month I took Capri to The Jungle Book play at Spring High to watch some girls in our ward. I had to pop fruit snacks in her mouth so she didn't keep calling out the name of the animal and it's sound as it entered the stage. She is probably still too little for plays but seemed to like it!  
Isn't the Houston temple beautiful?  Landon was nice enough to stay home with Capri so I could attend.  I was craving the sweet spirit and peace found only in the temple and am so thankful I could go.  Hopefully I'll be able to go a few more times before our new babe arrives.  It's more difficult when you have someone relying on you for food to break away for a few hours. 
 ^The glasses get put on upside down more times than not, but she doesn't seem to mind.
Capri recently decided she didn't like being dirty.  I let her eat without a bib one night and she did not like being "A MESS!" She often stops in the middle of a meal to tell me her hands are a mess and says "I need a wet wipe."
 I've been trying to do more sensory and simple Montessori activities with Capri. We had our little friend Greta over to play and they threaded colored straw necklaces and spent a good 30 minutes playing in the water, blowing bubbles with straws, dumping, pouring, and mixing colors. Everything is always more fun with a friend.
 ^Capri ran to the kitchen and came back with this big mixing bowl.  I couldn't figure out what she was doing, but apparently the Mickey Mouse characters all stand on their own platforms while doing the hot dog dance.  Observant little tike.  We had only watched it one or two times before she started singing "hot dog, hot dog, hot dog" around the house.^
^Friday night date night at Chick-fila and ice cream heaven.^
 ^Capri really likes wearing our clothes lately and insisted that Landon help her put on his basketball shorts.  She has always liked our shoes, lotion, and my makeup, but the new one has been our deodorant.  It's so funny to watch her look for it, take the lid off, and then try to put it on under her shirt.

See how many pacifiers are in her crib? Yes, 3. That's how many she'll sometimes go to bed with, one in her mouth and one for each hand.  I was getting concerned and thinking of ways to ween her from them, but both her pediatrician and my obgyn told me it was okay to let her keep them if she wants for a little while longer.  They both even told me that sucking stimulates the release of chemicals from the brain that actually decrease stress. I was a little relieved they were so positive about pacifiers and I didn't have to deal with taking them away just yet. Another pediatrician might have told me differently, there are so many opinions and controversy over things like that.  We've always tried to keep the pacifiers for bedtime but somehow she'll still find them around the house.^

^Capri and I took a quick break from painting to pick up something from the store and get lunch.  I was in the drive thru line anxious to get back and work when Capri told me "Play inside!"  Maybe we've gone to Chick-fila too many times for her to know there's a playground inside? :/
^Landon took both of these pictures. This first picture is from the end of july, JULY I say.  She looks so much bigger to me just three months later.  I think Landon took Capri to the park while I was Sunday napping or something because I wouldn't have let her sneak out without pulling her hair out of her eyes and putting pants on haha! Cute little rugrat.^
^Capri went with Landon to Scouts the other night and enjoyed keeping up with the boys and running around.  Landon told me her push ups weren't too bad either!
Sleeping with Capri is one of my favorite things to do, wish it happened more often than not.      
 ^Somehow that same night, Capri ended up with the Young Women for a photo shoot.  Love that she knew what to do with the mustache!
When we first moved in Sydi came and played with Capri while I unpacked and has been our babysitter and errand running partner since. She isn't driving yet, so we invite her to come along when we run to the mall or do anything fun.  This time we stopped to wash the car.^
 ^I'm trying to be better at Laundry and fold it hot out of the dryer and put it away... trying is the keyword here.  That's what I was doing when Capri woke up from her nap so I brought her down to sit with me while I finished.  Guess she wasn't ready to wake up becuase here she is back to sleep on top of the washer!
And another picture of this tatter tot doing the Mickey Mouse hot dog dance.^
^On Sundays we like to hang out in our pjs and bake.  I had powdered sugar handprints from Capri on my shirt and belly, but it looks like all you can see is the 30.5 wk belly. First belly picture this pregnancy.^
^Capri was helping me get ready last week.  I probably could have stopped this maddness sooner, but when I realized my lipstick was ruined, why not let her have some (in her words) "fa fa FUN!"  Capri just turned 19 months on the 12th.  Her new thing this last month has been shapes.  She really likes drawing them and you can see in the movie below she made an oval :)  I made sandwiches for lunch two weeks ago and Capri looked at her sandwich said "Triangle!" She surprised me so I began quizzing her on other shapes and she knew circle, square, oval, rectangle, and diamond. Sometimes I dont know what she is actually getting when we do things until later!