BYU @ Houston Game

Last weekend we went to the BYU@Houston game.  The university of Houston is building a new stadium so this game was at the Reliant Stadium.  It was fun to watch a game from the second row in the Reliant Stadium probably our only chance of doing that!  
Capri has been such a great talker and tries saying every word, but the one that she didn't get for a long time was "football." It boggled our minds because she started saying "ball" at nine or ten months and "foot" not long after her birthday, but for some reason she called football "fat."   She would carry a basketball under one arm and say "basketball" clear as bells and the football under the other arm was "fat."  One day Landon was wearing a shirt with a football on it and she kept pointing to him saying "fat" haha!   Well, I think after this game we have finally mastered the word "football."  It left lasting impressions.  Capri seemed bewildered by the stadium and in complete awe.  She was so good for the five and a half hours we were there!  Every time have we gotten in the car since the game she says "football game," "Touch down!"  "where's Hannah?"  The game was fun to watch, but most importantly we wanted to see Landon's darling cousin Hannah cheer.  She is just a baby Cougarette and got selected as one of the ones to cheer at the game.  Hannah's smile lights up a room wherever she goes and Landon and I would be delighted to have a daughter just like her.  This is just an example of Hannah in action one day when I was at the Jacksons- Hannah came home from school and sat at the kitchen table with a snack and her homework.  She worked until her friend came to pick her up to do baptisms at the temple, hurried home to with wet hair to change, and then off to cheer at a high school game.   Like I said, Landon and I would be delighted to have a sweet daughter like Hannah.  
Landon and I have never been BYU fans, but I have to admit that we have become more so now that we live outside of Utah and hope our kids want to go there for school if that's still the case!
^Because we were on the second row, Capri and Cosmo got to flirt the entire game and she loved all of the tricks he did for her.^
^I love that BYU expresses thanks to all their fans at away games^
^The night before the game we went to the BYU devotional downtown Houston.  I enjoyed listening  to Coach Mendenhall and a few of the players speak.  It was a great way to start off our weekend.^