A Nursery for my girls

I am getting ready to switch things up soon so I decided to take a few pictures before I change the arrangement.  Here's a peek into my Capri's room and soon to be Capri and Kate's.
When I was house shopping I knew this room would make a darling nursery, it just needed a little bit of work as you can see in the photo below!
Landon helped me take the shelves down above the window and along the sides of the wall and I left the others up for books shelves, I just added quarter wooded dowels to the edges.  It opened up the room a lot to have the shelves on the sides of the walls gone.  The previous owner's son used to collect action figures so he had the shelves built to display them, but the shelves weren't deep enough for much else.   The whole room needed a good painting including the ceiling.  The prep work took forever because there were so many holes in the walls and glue dots from a million glow in the dark stars on the ceiling.  This room had more wear than any other room in the house, but what do you expect when a 7 year old boy sleeps in the same room for 15 years.  My cousin Katie was super helpful and came over for a paint day. We knocked most of it out in one day while our husbands were at work.  It was nice for Capri to have Cody to play with and keep her out of the paint too!

I really love our home, but I wasn't thinking about babies with the master bedroom on the main floor and the three bedrooms upstairs.  I hate the thought of walking upstairs to feed a baby multiples times a night and it does feel a little far away, so Kate's been sleeping in a rock n play sleeper in our room. I have a changing table and all of her clothes in our room too.  Kate is getting to be a better night sleeper and might be too big for the rock n play faster than I think, so I'm painting Capri's adorable toddler bed this week.   Capri sleeps great in her crib (she started climbing out almost as soon as she started walking but she stays in bed now) so it will be interesting to see how she does in a toddler bed.  I'd like to have Capri sleeping in her new bed with the crib empty for a week or two so she doesn't think Kate is taking over HER bed.   Who knows if sharing a room will even work.  I just don't want to furnish and decorate a big girl room quite yet, but we do have an empty room waiting for her if we need to.
 ^I got these sturdy nightstands for $15 at a garage sale, painted them and added new knobs. The crib was $30 at the thrift store on Hill Air Force Base.  I know drop down sides are recalled now, but I do have to say how nice they are.
 ^My amazing mom made this cute bedding.  It's really the only thing I feel like I spent very much money on in this room.  The pricey material and machine quilting was kind of a splurge for me since I bought it while Landon was in grad school, but I'm so glad I did.  The chair was bran new with tags still attached at Goodwill.  Even though that color of green chair is found in the bedding, I don't love it with the wall color.  Oh well, $50 for a $400 super comfy chair isn't bad.  I had them use their industrial sanitize spray (did you know you can ask them to spray any furniture you buy?) and then came home and cleaned it too.  I don't mind buying anything used as long as I know I can disinfect it, even if it is new with tags.
^This room has a darling arch window, but even with an arch window blind the sun and heat still came through.  My Mom made this valance lined with blackout material to cover the arch and there is also a blackout roller shade the that pulls down behind the blinds so the room is nice and dark for naps! It took a little bit of brainstorming to figure out something that would be functional and look okay. My mom gave me the cute vintage rocking horse and I touched it up with paint.  The little cradle is the same cradle I used to put my baby dolls in and now has a fresh coat of paint too. (remember when mauve was so pretty?)
 ^My friend Jenn made this framed chicken wire bow holder for Capri.  She had it wrapped so cute in pink ribbon because I thought I was going to decorated my nursery in pink.  We used it that way a year and a half, but then I decided to paint it so it would match and I could hang it outside of their closet.  The three drawers of that night stand are also filled with bows, headbands, hair clips, and bracelets ... girls girls girls! I found the little toy bench on craigslist for $20.  We keep all of the stuffed animals in there so Capri can choose who she wants to sleep with for naps and bedtime.  The rest of our toys are on the main floor.
^ I spray painted the garage sale dresser on the right white and got new handles.  It has some uneven spots and I learned I should have lightly sanded in-between coats.  I have intentions to go back and touch it up, we'll see when that happens.

 I think my favorite part of the room is the book shelves.  We love books around here and I like that the books are displayed so that Capri can see them better.  We have a book shelf for more books in our family room and another in the toy room and those books always end up all over the floor because she has to pull them all out to see them. And that's the end of my nursery tour, I typed way more that anyone wants to read about a room that's not even "Project Nursery" worthy ha ha! Guess I'm just happy to finally have a decorated room for our girls since Capri spent her first year of life living in several states while Landon finished up grad school.