We started the Easter festivities earlier in the week with an easter egg hunt for play group.  Capri casually hunted for eggs, she didn't understand that they would be all gone before she got to them!  We've played with Calvin before and they didn't interact a whole lot but funny enough she talks about Calvin at home like they are best of friends. 
Easter morning everyone woke up to a bag of easter goodies.  The girls had little chick easter baskets because I wasn't going to make a big deal and just put a few little things in them but I started a shopping and changed my mind ;)  Capri got everyone's bags for them and helped open them before her own.
We pulled off the road on our way to church and snapped a few Easter family photos.   My Dad did a pretty good job behind camera.  I'm kind of a sucker for matching dresses, this was my vision of having two little girls right here.  Matching pink fluffy dresses and flowers in their hair.  
Kate picked a great day to sleep through 2.5 hours of Church in my arms.  I loved the messages that were shared about Christ and why we celebrate Easter, He lives and because of His Atonement we can too.  

After church we went to Katie's house for dinner in Conroe with David and Julie too. One thing about the Garretts is that they all know how to make delicious food; we had a great Easter dinner.  The kids had a little easter egg hunt in the backyard.  Capri seemed pretty content with her five or six eggs, she didn't understand that more eggs equals more candy until her candy was all gone.  
Happy Easter!