Maybe Tennis is our Match

Landon and I have been talking about some hobbies we could do together.  I married a super athletic stud and I'm very uncoordinated so finding something recreational is a little challenging.   I wish we could play on a co-ed softball team or something like that, but not even private coaching would do me any good! Right after Capri was born we started training for a marathon with Capri in the jogging stroller.   I complained almost every time we ran but now some of my favorite memories are running around the San Francisco Bay area with my little family.  I never could have run 18 miles without Landon's encouragement (too bad our running slowed down when we got back to the Arizona heat and Landon's MBA classes started again).  We decided we need more recreation as a couple and a family, that's when great memories are created!  We live by tennis courts so we thought we would give it a try, who knows, it might be our thing.  My sister Jackie gave us some rackets for Christmas the last time we lived across the street from tennis courts, hopefully they get used more this time around.
We learned that next time we have to bring a racket for Capri, she hardly let us play because she wanted to hold a racket so bad.  We also learned that I'm still uncoordinated, but I left better than I started so we'll keep trying!