Caught ya!  Capri was happily playing with her letter magnets on the fridge so I went and put Kate to sleep. I came back to this cheese face! Nothing is out of reach or off limits for this clever monkey.  The other day I  gave her a set of random play keys we no longer use. She scooted her stool around the house so she could see the keyholes better while trying to lock and unlock every door.  She never found a key to the doors but she DID to my filing cabinet... that's what the little key went to!  She locked the filing cabinet and then the keys went missing for a week or so. I couldn't find them anywhere.  A few days ago we were getting ready to go shopping so Capri went and got her purse and pulled out the keys. The keys were in her purse, where else would they be! 
(Capri also got caught in action a few months ago HERE and was discovered and disciplined after some mischief HERE.)