Capri's Second Birthday

          Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet Capri!  This last year has flown by; it feels like we were just celebrating her 1st birthday in a hotel lobby with the guests and the hotel staff while we were in the middle of our relocation.

          Capri learned the birthday song a few months ago and we have been sending friends and family a little video of her singing them happy birthday when it’s their special day.  After each video she would tell us “It’s Capri’s birthday!   We would then have to explain that her birthday was coming next and wonder what she understood.
Capri woke up to balloons all over her room on her birthday and loved it. There was no question about it that she knew  and understood that it was her birthday! “It’s Capri’s birthday!” she yelled as she threw balloon after balloon in the air.   I thought I’d never get her out of her room so I gave her a basket and we went on a search for candy filled plastic birthday cupcakes down the stairs and all over the house.  She actually never discovered that the cupcakes had candy in them and that was fine by me.  

Capri’s favorite breakfast is her Daddy’s scrambled eggs; I swear she eats six eggs when he makes them.  Since he was already at work I tried my best for the birthday girl.   Capri’s presents were stacked on the floor by the fireplace and she was so excited to open them that I asked Landon if we could do a couple without him, he was such a good sport.  She loved her lip stuff, stickers, and lacing animals from Lynn Jackson (Guess the prettiest packages get opened first Lynn!).    
We met up with some friends at the park for a picnic lunch and cupcakes.   These are the days when an afternoon at the park feeding ducks is the perfect way to spend a birthday! 
These two matchy outfits are from Aunt Val & Family.  She has spoiled our girls and knows how much I like to match.  I've had a harder time finding matching things in their sizes right now, but I'm sure it will get easier when Kate is in 12month size..... the rate she's growing that won't long!  The afternoon sun killed our picture, but hey, their outfits are cute ;)

After Capri's nap she sat on my lap and we made a video of her second year of life.  Hopefully I can go back and add more later since we just picked a bunch of random pictures, but I could tell she felt pretty darn special just making it.  We played it on our apple TV while we ate her birthday cake that night a few times.  Capri and Kate also helped me make an “Up up up cake,”  that’s what my mom started calling it when she was a little girl and that’s also what I requested every year for my birthday…. a pink up up up cake with coconut sprinkles.  Capri’s was chocolate with whipped cream cheese frosting and Reece’s because that’s what I had ingredients for. 

Opa and Grammy gave Capri this darling easel and Aunt Monica and Blake furnished a bunch of art supplies for her birthday.   Capri loves it!  

When Landon got home from work we went to Chic-fila for her birthday dinner, her favorite (thanks to her Chic-fila loving father).  The staff let her go in the back and make her very own birthday Sunday.  Capri has such a serious face all the time, but I'm telling you she was in dreamland.  We opened presents, had cake, and watched Capri’s movie when we got home. She got a swimsuit, puzzles, and a few little things because her big present was a Strider balance bike. She looked so cute on it we had to take it for a ride right away.   Hopefully we will have some nice days to practice before it gets too hot. 
Kate was partying with us too.  She loves that sling as much as Capri did as a baby.  She was all bundled up so we could go outside and ride Capri's new bike.   Even with a cool afternoon and evening you can see that Capri got a little sunburned at the park.

I think I had just as much fun on her birthday as she did.   It was a wonderful day and I’m pretty sure she was smiling in her sleep that night.

Below is the little video Capri and I made of her second year to watch while we were eating birthday cake.  It's just a bunch of random pictures but Landon and I beamed the whole way through, our Capri is growing up so beautifully (more about that next post).   Now that I'm on a movie making roll I hope to add a little to it later.