My TWO year old

 I guess you could say this is a birthday post continued.  I actually recorded the little interview below the day after her birthday and wrote this post a few days later but wanted to get her two year old pictures taken before I posted.... and then it didn't feel right to post about Capri's birthday when I hadn't even posted Kate's birth!  It's only been a month since Capri's birthday, but it's amazing how much she has even grown up since then.
I wanted to do a more formal interview but realized Capri can't sit still for more than a minute so here she is eating noodles after her nap, bed head and all.  It will be fun to have a birthday interview every year to see the changes and growth.

Favorite Food: Noodles, Avocado, Gold Fish
Favorite Treat: Ice Cream
Favorite Color:  She usually says Blue but in her birthday interview she said Green
Favorite Movie: Mary Poppins
Favorite Toy:  Basketball,
Favorite Book:  I Love you Forever (She calls it “back and forth”) and The Very Hungry Caterpillar (she knows this one by heart and can tell you the whole book without looking at the pictures)
Best Friend: Londyn
Favorite Animal: Cow
Favorite Song: I love to see the temple
Favorite Activities:  Going to the park or walks with Grandpa, cuddling and watching a show with Daddy, sidewalk chalk and coloring.
This year’s highlights:  going to two aunt’s weddings and a Las Vegas trip with cousins, summersaults, learning animals sounds, shapes, colors, counting to 10 (almost 20), letters of the alphabet and about half of their sounds, putting on own shoes, first urgent care visit after cutting her finger on a knife, and getting a baby sister.

Height: 35.13" 86th percentile  (Dr. Flanagan said she will probably be between 5'6" and 5'8" as an adult)
Weight: 27 lb 57th percentile
“Oh Ca-Pea” (in her words) she has added so much joy to our world!  This girl knocks my socks off on a daily basis and I wish I could take credit for quick wit and sweet gestures, but it’s all her.  I overheard Landon telling his family that he thinks Capri and I do flash cards and preschool all day because of all the new things she is constantly learning.  I should just go with that and make him believe that’s the case, but really she’s reciting a book or singing an entire song with actions back to me after doing it just a few times.  I hope her eagerness to learn continues!
Her ability to recognize letters and sounds impresses me so much.  She’ll say things like “Aah, aah,  aligator, alligator starts with the letter A;” “Da-da Dog, letter D;”  “Mm-mm- Mommy, letter M.”  This girl also knows just about every song I do! Music has always been a big thing for her and she was born with rhythm.  Some of her favorites are I’m trying to Be Like Jesus, Ba Ba Black Sheep, I love to see the Temple, I am like a Star, Twinkle Little Star, Do Rae Mi… actually, the list goes on and on.  She’ll sing just about every word and sometimes gets the tune right, it probably doesn’t help that I’m the one that usually sings with her though!  When Landon puts her to bed she gets Garth Brooks songs and she’s pretty good at those too!
Recently when I’ve been putting Capri down for bed we just sit and talk in the rocking chair.  I ask her about her day, what her favorite things are, tell her all the people who love her, I tell her about cousins, aunts, and uncles, and we talk about what we are going to do the next day.  It’s so fun having a conversation with her like we are just two good friends (okay, so it’s me asking a lot of questions and getting a few short sentence answers…. but she still she seems so big!)   I think she has really enjoyed our talks lately too. Last week she did not want to go to nursery.  We were standing outside the door and she pointed to the stairs across the hall and said, “let’s sit down and talk about it.”   Well, maybe she hasn’t enjoyed our talks as much as I think she has… she is just using them to postpone bed time and going into nursery ha ha!
Have you ever read the book “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie?”  Well that’s basically a day in the life of Capri. It’s so fun watching her make connections but it keeps us really busy around here!  Just yesterday I started to vacuum and of coarse Capri went and got the small vacuum out of the pantry so she could vacuum with me. She then needed to wear her apron while we cleaned so she ran to get it out of her play kitchen (throwing all the play food out of the cupboards while looking for it).  She brought it to me to tie on and then dragged me to put on my apron.  After a minute of vacuuming in our fancy aprons she asked if she could watch Mary Poppins. (Oh! I was wondering why we needed to put on aprons to clean, I’ve never done that before but Mary Poppins DOES! )

I turned on Mary Poppins hoping to finish cleaning up while she watched.  Before I knew it she was asking me to help her put on her “dancing dress” and hat that tied under her chin “just like Mary Poppins” she said, then headed for the coat closet to get an umbrella.   Once she had the umbrella she remembered she wanted to go outside and dance in the rain with the umbrella like we’ve done before.  We went outside for a few minutes because I thought the fresh air sounded nice too. Once outside she told me it was windy.  Then she asked for a birthday cupcake. (Where did she get that?  OH!  When she blew out her birthday candles on her cake she told us ‘“The wind is blowing!”)

I told Capri to follow me back inside and she started to sing "Follow the prophet, Follow the Prophet" dressed in her dancing dress, hat tied under her chin, and umbrella in hand.   Inside there was play food all over the floor, two vacuums out, and contents from the pantry and coat closet tossed all over the floor from her searches for the umbrella and little vacuum.  All this and Mary Poppins was still in the first scene.  Sigh, I just have to write these funny things down and just smile.
Having Capri randomly take your face in both hands and give you a kiss is about the sweetest thing.  Her back scratches and cuddles are pretty great too. When she wants to get my attention she says "Look at my eyes Mommy" (wonder where she's heard that one). She especially loves cuddling with her Dad while they watch a show together or doing push ups on his back.  Capri is a becoming a darling big sister and I love listening and watching her talk to Kate.  “Give me five Kate!”  “Did you have a Good Sleep Kate?”  “Smile Kate” “Tickle Tickle Kate” the cutest was when she held Kate’s hands the other day and did all of the actions to Wheels on the Bus while she sang it to her. 

Capri you are so loved.  
If you have to grow up, 
please keep learning, loving, and being the confident, charming girl you are!