Outside is a wonderful place to be

After Jackie's wedding we stuck around my parents for another week.  Capri was in heaven playing outside everyday and I was in heaven eating out of the garden!  There were daily visits to the river, the strawberry patch, and hours and hours spent on the swings.  In fact, one day I left to go get Maverick frozen yogurt and my dad was still pushing the kids on the swings  in the backyard 40 minutes later.  He's such a nice Grandpa.   My parents have the most wonderful yard and the weather was so nice compared to our Houston summer heat, I'm usually begging Capri to go inside after 30 minutes.   Capri loved getting to know her cousins Teya, Kellen, and Cade better!  Ammon and Ashley have been living in New York and just relocated to Montana.  Our visits in the past weren't lining up, but hopefully we'll be able to see them more now that they live a little closer. Capri was pretty jealous when I'd hold Cade so I'm nervous about our new little babe.  Despite all these kids feeling sick with colds/coughs and never smiling for pictures, I think they had a fun time.  My sister inlaw Ashley was a trooper traveling with sick kids by  herself.  One keeps me busy enough!
^My dirty girl was in heaven and I didn't care that she looked like a rugrat one bit!"
^I ate tomato and cucumber sandwiches everyday while I was at my parent's house.  I had no idea how lucky I was to grow up with all this fresh produce.  We loved walking around the garden picking whatever we could find that was ripe ^    
^My Dad is the best Grandpa.  He took three little kids and a dog on a hike by himself. He's so good at seeing when the Mom's need a break.  Everyone came back happy, dirty, and tired. 
 ^Well, I tried.  I think these kiddos had fun at the park even though I didn't get any smiling pictures.^
 ^Caught my Dad pulling weeds at the playground.  He stopped when he saw me take the picture telling me he couldn't resist ha ha!.  Now that's a good guy.^
 ^Wish this was a nice sandy beach somewhere, but she had a great time digging for "treasures" in the volleyball pit^
 ^Kids choice dinner: Hot dogs cooked over the fire and eating on the deck with Grandpa and Grandma^
^This slide sent her flying on her bum every time, but she still climbed back up and did it again and again.^
^Capri loved hanging out with Grandma Garrett and Grandma Garrett kept Capri entertained. ^
^ Landon might accuse me for neglect when he sees this picture.  I promise I was watching her, but how can you stop a little girl having this much fun pretending to be a puppy?  (No dog food was actually consumed during this play)^

We had a great time at my parent's house, but felt bad playing while Landon was back in Houston working hard.  We would send him little videos and pictures every day and it's pretty obvious how much Capri loves her Dad.  Here's a little collection of Capri's clips to Landon below.