Some Summer

^These two pictures above make me want to stop this growing thing.  There really is nothing sweeter than a sleeping child.  I'm usually happy when this busy girl falls asleep, but as soon as she does I want to pick her up and snuggle.  I also had to document Capri's first piece of artwork.  I've gotten out crayons before, but this is the first time she pointed to the markers, asked to color, and actually seemed interested.^
^We told Capri we would go swimming when Dad finished the lawn.  She patiently sat on the recycling bin and watched him the entire time.  I moved the bin to the backyard where she did the same thing.  I still can't believe she listened and sat for that long.^
 ^Summer is pretty darn hot so we met my cousin for some indoor playtime at the mall.  There is something so magical about a carrousel.^
 ^Whoops!  She found my mascara while I was cleaning out the car.  Looks like she at least tried to put in on in the right place.^
^I under estimated this Houston summer day.  I brought each kid a juice box and their Mom also sent them with Capri Suns but we still ended up sharing the water from Capri's sippy cup... hot, hot, hot.^
^I prepared this little activity for the plane ride to Utah, but ended up getting it out early while I packed.    Best and longest lasting activity yet!  This was the day we left to Utah and the same day Capri learned to climb out of her crib.... Let's just say I'm glad we got the house cleaned and packed in-between numerous attempts at nap time and many tired tantrums.^
^Flight was a success thanks to a fun Dad and the sketch pad.^
^These two baby sisters are all grown up and getting married!! How lucky are we that they are getting married one week apart?^