Friend Visits in Utah

I love that Landon's buddies have been friends since the 3rd grade and have stuck together through the years.  We missed a few people at our get together but were so happy to catch up with the ones we could.  No offense to Landon's buddies, but they all married up :) Their wives are beautiful, kind, and I am glad we are friends through our husbands.  Brooke's Dad is awesome and let us swim, BBQ, and play volleyball at his home which made for a great night.  Our time in Utah is always packed full, but I'm glad these guys could make it work! 
(Top: Isaac, Ladd, Zac, Landon, Ryan, Randon, Cory)
^(Megan, Capri, Marianne, Brooke, Cheyenne, Skylar, Isabelle, Sarah)
^This is probably one of the many reasons Capri loves her Uncle Steve.  He gives so much of his time to make her smile. Glad he could stop by for awhile! ^
^Capri loves any kind of ball and didn't like it when I sat down to visit with the ladies because she wanted me to play with her.  Aunt Skylar gets a big portion of the credit for Capri's name.^
^These guys had so much fun playing on Monday, that they got together again later in the week without the wives and babes.^
 ^Jill and Tyler took their lunch breaks with us so we could catch up.  Landon and Jill have been friends forever too and life guarded together in high school.  I first met Jill at Lake Powell and I'm pretty sure she out swam Landon! ^
^I feel like I've known Sienna, but this was actually the first time I met her! Landon and Sienna went to high school together and then Sienna's family moved to Thailand.  Landon and I stayed with her family for a few days in their gorgeous Bangkok home when we were in Thailand and felt so loved and welcome. Breanna finished high school in Thailand is going to BYU now so it was great to see her again.  Sienna and her husband have been living in Trinidad for the last few years and are in route to DC to prepare for their next assignment in China. They are so amazing, the world is lucky to have them and they are doing incredible work for the church.  We would love to be their neighbors one day doing an expat assignment of our own. ^

I also met up with Jennika and her cute baby Tessa for Nelson's custard one of the days, but forgot to take pictures dang it.  We missed seeing a few good friends this trip and hope to catch them next time.  I think we need to rent a car next time so we can pack more visits in without imposing on our families and their vehicles. We feel so lucky and blessed to have the wonderful associations we do.