Monica's Wedding

Congratulations Blake and Monica! This wedding was a long time coming and we were so happy to be a part of it. Everything was just Monica's style.  I can't wait to see the professional photos, but here's quite a few from my camera.
  Landon's older cousins sat in the waiting room with Capri and our nieces and nephews during the temple ceremony.  I'm glad I handed them my camera on the way out because these pictures of the cousins playing together warm my heart.  They get along so great and take such good care of Capri.  I don't know what Capri is going to do when she doesn't have seven other kids entertaining and loving on her when our routine is back to normal in Texas.   
 ^You ask every one of Landon's siblings who their favorite sibling is and they ALL say Steve.  He's a favorite with his nieces too. Capri especially adores her Steve! ^
^The ENTIRE Pitcher Family ...and three little babes in bellies.  How did I get so lucky to marry into this wonderful family?  And how am I the only one in bright yellow?
 ^There it is, a meltdown was only a matter of time on this long day. We didn't get very many smiles out of this one for pictures... ^
 ^.....unless we did lots of crazy kisses like these ones!^
 ^Landon has awesome friends that came to support.  We LOVE Isaac & Sky and Dave & Autumn.  How did we miss Ryan & Brooke here?!  This beautiful home belongs to Brooke's father and Ryan and Brooke did so much to help get the wedding ready, great friends indeed.^
We hope it's everything you imagined it to be Monica and we hope even more for a wonderful, happy, eternal marriage.