Pink or Blue?

 I had my anatomy ultrasound just before we left to Utah and thought it would be more fun to wait a few extra days to find out what we are having with our family around. The Ultrasound tech emailed my sister in-law Corie the gender of our baby and she was nice enough to put a little surprise together for us. We did the gender reveal the day after Monica's wedding, everyone tried to get Corie to spill the beans at the wedding but she was a great secret keeper.  In fact, when Corie had her second child she didn't want to know the gender but her husband Adam did.  She went her entire pregnancy not knowing while Adam kept it quiet from her and everyone else.  I thought it was only fair that this time Corie be the only one to know :)  Corie had a fun old wives tell quiz where we tallied Boy or Girl for every question.  Questions like "Are you more clumsy?"  "Do you crave sweet or salty" "Is your beauty being stolen by the baby?" and the wedding ring on the string over my belly.  The nieces of coarse cheered for a girl and Jackson and Kade really wanted another boy in the family. The Girl column won by one point! We anxiously tore into the cupcakes and wait..... PURPLE inside??!  I few different thoughts ran through my head... the ultrasound tech wasn't sure, twins, kitchen malfunction?  Corie just wanted to prolong the suspense. She handed us the real cupcakes and this time the inside the cupcakes were......

We are of coarse excited to have another girl.  I'm even more excited now that I've had some time to let it sink in.  I'll be honest... we really wanted a boy.  I love Capri so much that I'm worried I couldn't possibly love another child as much as I love her!  At least if we had a boy it could be a different kind of love because he's a boy, and you can love boys and girls differently right?  I've been told I'm not the only one that has felt this way with a second baby and I'll be surprised at how much love I have to give.  Well, my love for this sweet little girl is already growing and it's beginning to feel more real that she's going to be a part of our family.  I'm starting to envision two little girls in pigtails and matching church dresses, and those same two daddy's girls asking to throw balls and be tossed around.  
^Capri's turn, no hands?^
^ The little girls off to celebrate the 9th GIRL in the Pitcher family.^  These monkeys love jumping on Opa and Grandma's bed.  (I love Bella's eye makeup here too!)  
Girls, Girls, Girls!