18 Months

I think my heart is going to burst if I look at these pictures any longer.  We sure love our Capri, she fills our days with joy.  Each phase of development is more fun to me, right now is my favorite! Happy 18 month birthday today!  This morning I took Capri to her 18 month pediatrician appointment and left a mom beaming with pride (I can't say the same an hour and a half later leaving World Market in the middle of a tantrum haha!)
Height: 34" 98%
Weight: 23.8lbs 60%
HC: 19.02" 91%
Since I'm really blogging for my own journaling purposes and for the Grandma's to read I'm going to go ahead and write this even though it may sounds like bragging.  The Dr. Flannagan told us how mature Capri was for her age physically and mentally and compared her to his 2 year olds.  Her vocabulary not only impressive, she is saying some sentences.  She told Dr. Flannagan "I love Strawberries" when she pointed at the picture in her book and "I want to color" reaching for the sketch pad.  Dr. Flannagan was still talking about her crazy jumping skills from her 12 month apt.

Here's a few other things Capri is enjoying right now:
-She asks to blow bubbles, for a sucker, and for popcorn daily. It's cute how she thinks using the word "please" is going to get her what she wants. The popcorn wins almost every day because it's my favorite too.  "Thanks you's" are still non-existent, but we continue to work on it.
-She loves to sing.  She can usually fill in the blank when I pause, she surprises me with what she knows when I give her the chance.  The two songs that I'll catch her singing parts of on her own around the house are "Row, Row, Row your Boat" and "Twinkle Little Star."
-She is probably 70% right when it comes to colors and has really caught on this last week.
-She loves to count things, usually in the right sequence just skips a few :) 1,2,3,5,9,10!  Today she stopped to count water bottles at the store and if anyone walked past she told them "I shopping!"
-Her favorite time of the day is still when Daddy comes home.  She asks him to "fly" which means she wants to be thrown in the air and eventually they wind down and watch a few minutes of "Ralf" (Wreck it Ralf) together.  Yesterday she was pretending that Landon was coming home.  She would run to the door saying "Daddy, Daddy!" and then start laughing like she knew he wasn't really home but she thought it was fun to play.
-She has also been pretending to go to bed.  She stands at the top of the stairs says "Na-night," blows a kiss down below, and then goes into her room coming out a second later giggling.
-Going down for naps and bedtime has been horrible :/  Since she learned to climb out of her crib and pack n play I laid down with her until she fell asleep the entire time we were in Utah.  I would let her sleep in our bed with us at night too.  I loved cuddling with her but realized it's not realistic to spend half my day putting babies to sleep and I don't want to make a habit out of kids sleeping in our bed.  Now Capri can't even put herself back to sleep if she wakes up during the night.  I created a monster and feel horrible that we've had to do sleep training again. We did day 3 last night and she only cried for 7 or 8 minutes so I think its working.  I'm sorry to confuse you Capri, its all my fault.
-Capri has been telling me that she's "stinky" when she goes to the bathroom in her diaper. I've been letting her sit on the toilet and she has gone a few times.  I asked the pediatrician if it was a good time to start potty training her and he said it was too early.  If I do, most likely she'll regress with any changes like the new baby.  I'm still thinking about it.  Anyone else potty train at 18 months?
-Capri is getting to be a good little helper- throwing things away, finding her shoes etc. She even has a preference on what shoes she wants to wear. Really, already?!
-Now if we can just work on her temperament..... she still gets frustrated easy and her stubbornness makes her hard to convince otherwise.  Kids sure do come with their own personalities.  I asked my parents and Landon's parents either of us were as spirited and busy as Capri and they said no.  She's her own person and I'm so thankful for that!
-One of my favorite things lately has been when we get ready to leave the house and I say let's go, she'll say "G-O-Let's Go!"  Ha ha! My Jr. High cheerleading must be good for something.  Sometimes we can switch gears from sad to happy if we do this one we made up-
Aren't you glad I do not cry
I'm happy! 
Yeah, yeah, I'm happy!
((She'll even clap after the "Ready okay" :))

I'm so thankful Capri is eager to learn and finds joys in the simple things. The last 18 months have been so rewarding.