Welcome Little Babes!

How did we get so lucky to welcome two new nieces while we were in Utah?!  Landon had to go back to work, but was nice enough let Capri and I stay and wait for the babies.  Baby Bentley was born on August 19th.  Unfortunately Capri and I both had some sort of cold/cough and didn't dare go visit right away.  There was a big fire in the canyon where my parents live and I wonder if that had anything to do with it, but we didn't want to chance it!  By Thursday I was just dying to see Bentley!  I stopped by and made Adam hold her up from the stairs while I stood at the front door to admire her cuteness from a far.  Bella and Callie were delighted to have a new sister.  Bentley has two family names, so sweet.   
^We got to play with Bella and Callie one of they days while Corie had some Bentley time and registered her car. Capri had a blast and loves these girls.  I went outside for a minute to put away my paint but when I came back in I couldn't find the girls.  "Shoot, they were just cuddled up watching a movie less than three minutes ago, where could they be?" Linda was teaching piano so I didn't want to bother her, but peaked in her piano room to see these cute girls silently eating cheese puffs under one of Grandma's pianos.  They know they can't be noisy when grandma is teaching so they snuck in and didn't make a peep!  Too funny.

We already had plans to go visit Val for some girls time Friday afternoon when we found out Val was on her way to the hospital with contractions.  Grandma Linda, Capri, and I ended up meeting the kids after school and waited with them to hear news of baby Ashley.  They were so excited to show us everything in her nursery.  I did Kiley's hair and the kids put on clean clothes so they were ready to meet their sister. Then we passed the time shopping at the outlets until we received the phone call the kids were waiting for (documented below).  Those excited faces! 
 ^Kiley was so anxious to meet Ashley, but the little sweetie ran into the room, took a quick peek at Ashley and wanted to check on her mama before going back to the baby.^
^Val was nice enough to share her ice chips with Capri and I don't know that she got any back.  My little Capri sure loves her "ICE!"^
 ^Here is the little jar of quarters is again.  It's been my sit still life saver.^
 I can't believe how beautiful both of my sister in-laws look after having babies.  They are such great mamas and I love watching and learning from the best.  Welcome to the family Bentley and Ashley!  Now our little girl will be #3 this year.