Furniture Makeover

Landon's parent's basement flooded a few weeks before Monica's wedding.  I don't know how they survived it all, but they did it wonderfully!  Capri and I were around to help put things back together once wedding activities settled down.  This bed was given to Monica by one of her sweet friends from work and I thought it would look darling painted to match this bedding Linda found. Before "life as a mother" this would have been a Saturday project starting with a trip to the store for supplies and ending the day with it put together in the bedroom.  I forget that's not the case anymore!

This adventure started out with a Walmart trip the night before.  I took the bed throw so I could match the color perfect.  The guy in the paint department had a hard time figuring out the matching scanner so it took an extra long time.  Meanwhile Capri pulled out every paint card on display.  Instead of putting them all back I kept them to put on a ring so she can practice her colors, hope they don't mind that 50 or so cards are missing :/   I put the half gallon of paint on the bottom of the cart because the paint dot on the top of the can was still wet and I didn't want Capri to touch it.  We were strolling along the cheese isle and SPLAT!  The can rolled off the cart and all over the floor, my feet, and bottom of my maxi dress.  Tears welled up and I almost started to cry.  I quickly started to go find help, but it took me 5 steps to realize my cart and shoes were tracking turquoise paint all over, duh!  So I stood there and waved down a store associate while directing traffic around the paint covered cheese isle.  At first I felt so bad and pulled out my pack of wet wipes trying to clean and apologized over and over again.  As I attempted to clean my dress and shoes, my pregnant hormones took over and I began to get mad at the guy in the paint department that didn't put the lid on tight.  It only rolled 12 inches from the floor, the lid shouldn't have popped off.   The manager asked if everything was okay and by that time my head was filled with my angry thoughts instead of apologetic thoughts.  I took no responsibility and said "The lid wasn't on very tight. I'm sorry this happened in your store, but I'm glad it was here and not in my car on the way home."  He then asked what he could do to help me and I said "New shoes on Walmart?"  He responded with an okay, walked me over to the shoes and told me I could pick out any pair I'd like.  I was so embarrassed at my comment and sense of entitlement that when he so kindly agreed to replace my shoes I started to cry!  Oh boy, I was definitely having a pregnancy hormone kind of day!  Then I had to explain to him that I was pregnant and my emotions got the best of me that day and how sorry I really was that paint was all over the floor. He still insisted that I pick out a pair of shoes. There was no way after all that I was going to go back and get the paint all over again so I went home empty handed. Well, not entirely, thanks for the new sandals Walmart.

The next morning I went to Home Depot for the paint and had a much better experience. Capri is my best helper and I sure do love my little sidekick most of the time!  I thought giving her a painting project of her own would keep her out of my paint for a little while, so I filled some cups of water with food coloring and gave her a brush to go to town.  She wrote her name on the cement a few times (meaning she made brush strokes while she said C-A-P, C-A-P, C-AP) which was adorable, but then a few minutes later the cups of water were emptied on the driveway and she was helping me prime.  As dramatic as my story sounds, this really was a simple project. It just ended up taking three days of short intervals instead of one day.  I think it turned out pretty cute to say the least!