Breakfast at Granny Annie's

I love diners like Granny Annie's in Kaysville.  We woke up Monday morning and realized Kelli and the kids were going back to "B-zona" and we wanted to sneak in a little more time with them.  Kelli had a breakfast planned with her girlfriends and had already left with Court and the kids when we woke up.  We selfishly decided to head over there too and steal the kids while Kelli visited with her friends. I'm so glad we did!

^Man, these kids are handsome.  We are sad they moved to Arizona this summer and that they had to go back to school so soon. We hope we can plan our Utah trips at the same time. It won't be the same if we go to Utah and they are not there.   I hate saying goodbye not knowing when the next time we'll see them will be! XOXO Court, Kelli, Cambrie, Kaden, and Becca!