Great Grandparents are Great

Grandpa Bud is Landon's only living grandparent and he keeps himself busy driving around Cache Valley doing locksmith favors.  The first photo is him holding every key to Smithfield city, his sharp mind can tell you which key goes to what all the way down to the electrical box on the baseball field.  Grandpa Bud showed Capri where the toys were and Landon loved finding all the same toys he played with when he was young.  "Glad you got to see me!" is how we leave our visits with this jokester. 

My heart hurt a little bit visiting my Grandpa Stuart.  He was recently moved to a rest home because he was just too much for my Grandma to take care of and the family can't keep up with his accidents.  Right now it's a temporary home while the family decides what to do.  My poor Grandpa just wants to go home and I don't blame him.  I hope I'm never in this position with my parents or myself. My Grandpa doesn't remember me anymore, but still gave me the sweetest hug and kiss like he knew exactly who I was.   Capri and I were able to go back and attend sacrament meeting with him one of the Sundays.  I'm telling you, one hour of church is perfect with Capri, and the Seniors enjoyed seeing a little one running around waving and blowing kisses at them!  This picture of my Dad, Capri, and Grandpa shows that Capri's love for ice cream was passed down through the generations.  My Grandpa and Grandma Stuart had a bowl almost every night (and Landon's late Grandpa Boyce sometimes 2X day) so loving ice cream is inevitable! I hate leaving him to go back to Houston feeling like it could be the last time I see him, but then again he could surprise me and go for another seven years. 
^I snapped this at Jackie's wedding and think these two were happy to be together that day^
^My Grandma Stuart hasn't been feeling well herself, but managed to find the energy for Jackie's wedding and have us visit. She got that cute rocking horse and dog right out for Capri because she knew she it would make her smile as much as it did the last time.  It was fun watching Capri figure out that the life size poster in Grandpa's Senior home was the same Grandma standing in front of her.  I need more of my Grandma Stuart's creativity to keep Capri busy, she always had a fun project or experiment when I was young and knows how to make learning fun.  Wish Capri could have to opportunity to know my Grandma like I do.
Isn't my Grandma Garrett lovely?  I think she is such a pretty grandma and hope I age like she does.  Capri always likes to see what Grandma Garrett has in her closet to play with and this time discovered her organ!  My Grandma Garrett was so patient with Capri and played at her request, over and over again! I love my Grandma's energy.  My Grandpa Garrett passed last December and she has been finding all kinds of ways to stay busy. My Mom and Grandma met me to say goodbye before we flew back to Houston. My Mom found Capri a dancing slip for her dress ups and we had her try it out right away.  Not very many little girls get to dance the Polka in the parking lot with their great grandma.  These videos with my Grandma Garrett and Capri will be treasured for years to come.

I am so grateful Capri has been able to spend some time with her Great Grandparents, I know not everyone is that fortunate.  Capri would have loved playing in Grandma Neva's makeup and beautiful jewelry, eating ice cream with Grandpa Boyce, watching basketball with Grandma Rhea, and being sung "My Baby Bunting" by my wonderful Grandpa Garrett.  I guess she'll get to know those grandparents better later, but for now be comforted knowing she has them cheering her on in this mortal life from the other side.  We have a heritage of service, hard work, generosity, and love for the gospel of Jesus Christ passed down by my incredible grandparents.  I am inspired by their examples and hope Capri is too.